Rally for Public Transit -MONDAY 3/21

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 Ohio funds public transit at one of the lowest levels in the nation - spending just $7.3 million in total or about $0.63 per Ohio resident. This severe under-funding of transit has led to a crisis in Cleveland: RTA, the most robust transit authority in the state is proposing raising fares by 10 percent for a one way pass and by 50 percent for paratransit. RTA is also proposing cutting 1.3 percent of bus service.

Join Clevelanders for Public Transit as we rally to ensure access to affordable, reliable, and equitable public transit for all Cleveland residents.

Meet outside of RTA Headquarters at 1420 W 6th St at 11 AM. After the rally we will head inside for RTA's first public hearing on the rate hikes and route cuts, which is schedule from 12 to 2 PM, as well as 6 to 8 PM later that evening.

RTA will be accepting public comment, so come prepared to share how the route cuts and rate hikes will impact you!
Register for the event here: http://action.ohorganizing.org/page/s/rally-for-public-transit
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Transit riders in NEO are second class citizens

Photo credit Lisa DeJong

Photo credit: Lisa DeJong

Thank you State Reps Stepanie Howse and Janine Boyd for your comments at GCRTA hearing. It is very obvious that GCRTA-- despite state cuts - still operates with a mentality that transit riders are second class.

Please send your comments to RTA Marketing & Communications Dept.

1240 W. 6th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

You can also email comments to public-comment [at] gcrta [dot] org



The state budget affects RTA's bottomline, but there are also other funding sources that could and should be encouraged to bridge any anticipated shortfall.  Casino funds (closely guarded by CleCouncil and County Council), Payment-In-Lieu of taxes by the Cleveland Clinic - and my own favorite idea - KILL the LANDBANK - and put those county monies towards a revamp of GCRTA. 



Transit defines us.  How do we serve our community?  Do we promote transit equity?  



The funding of the colossal driveway to the Clinic - the so-called "Opportunity Corridor" - clearly indicates that we are a two-tier society and that transit riders are second class.



Please follow Clevelanders for Public Transit on Facebook and Twitter.  Make your voice heard!







State of Downtown

Those of us living in the neighborhoods of Cleveland have to live with two masters controlling the funding and development in our neighborhoods - our council rep and their handpicked cronies at the CDCs.   Downtown has a CDC, too - it's called the Downtown Alliance.  Please listen to the forum at the Cleveland City Club : Downtown Cleveland Alliance.