Sammy Catania's court date for assaulting and menancing Guy Templeton Black

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Sammy Catania's new court date is September 21, 2010 at 9:00 a.m., Judge Angela Stokes, Courtroom 15 C, 15th floor of the Justice Center.

Guy Templeton Black needs supporters to attend this hearing with him. 

Things did not go well at the last hearing since Guy's three supporters were not welcome.  The supporters were referred to as 'Guy's Entourage'  and asked to leave the small courtroom -although there were plenty of seats. 

A comment was also made to Guy questioning if Guy was attempting to turn this into a media circus.

The comments were made by the person that is supposed to be on Guy's side, the city prosecutor.


Justice Center
1200 Ontario Street, 15th Floor, Courtroom 15 C Judge Angela Stokes
Cleveland, OH 44113
United States
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victim discouraged to bring supporters

I don't seem to recall any other case in which a victim is actually discouraged from bringing supporters to court.  I have never heard of such a thing in my over 20 year history of working in the judicial system.

The three supporters that appeared in court can verify the above statement.  Including one supporter who is a federal agent.

Pathetic injustic system

Pathetic injustic system - it is like living in some small ignorant hick town here...

To think if there was an election for ANY prosecutor or other corrupt Democratic shitlead leader right now they would be lucky to get 10% of the non-corrupt human vote.

I'll keep getting word out to the REAL WORLD about Judges like Stokes.

Is she related to the Stokes who helped destroy this community?

Disrupt IT

16% of the people voted in the election yesterday

16% of the people voted in the election yesterday - citizens... the
people who are and read realNEO... hate these politicians all the way
back to Stokes - I say we go after the Stokes legacy and start rippin
the heart out of party politics here completely - FUCK ALL STOKES

Guy isn't the one on trial - the worst that happens to him is Catania
doesn't go to jail - Guy already won.

Let's destroy Stokes - RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE

Disrupt IT

Judge who? Where was she at the MCCO hearing?

And living on the East SIde and seeing us sold out in every way by the leadership, I defy anyone to name a good leader of our lifetimes - black or white - young or old - other than Fannie Lewis - she actually seemed real... but one woman can't do it all. The rest sold-out. Walking with MLK or running for president is not a sign of success. The Stokes, Perk, Tubbs Jones, Kucinich, Voinovich, White, Jackon, whatever - doesn't matter age race or party they all failed to deliver lasting value to citizens and fail to do that today - they never attack what matters, which is public health and the poisoning of the people. Still don't address it today.

They will address all this by November - my one mission in life, here in realNEO, is to force all politiciains and other community "leaders" to address the poisoning of citizens in NEO, now!

They sold out to industry and are paid to make people sick, for the benefit of the those who prey on the sick... our biggest industry in the region today... HEALTHCARE... the good folks taxing you WITHOUT REPRESENTATION (other than by some colluding Democratic Commmissioners now fired by the public) for their FUCKING MEDCON.

Our politicians made us sick to make Toby Cosgrove successful, for decades, and it shortened the lifespans of 10,000,000 just in his immediate neighborhood.

Judge who? Where was she at the MCCO hearing?

Disrupt IT


Where is our constitutional rights???  I was sick, that week, or I would have been there for them to throw "me" out!  We aren't done yet........

Then you must just be "Entourage"

Then you must just be "Entourage"... expect no respect

Of course Scene and the PD totally played this down and treated guy like psycho white trash to benefit da gangsta Catania. Will Stokes care if Catania fired a gun in Tremont - attacked an old guy - does drugs - would she care if a psycho gun shooting mafioso Catania attacked a poor disabled old black person in the park... riot time then... empty that courtroom... Jeff Johnson would have her head on a platter.... where are the advocates for disabled veterans on this?!?!

I bet Scene in particular bent over to the Tremont Mafia - probably threatened to pull their ads from Scene... Catania has lots of friends fat off him in Tremont small business and the media and the media controls politicians to a great degree - judges especially named Stokes are clearly politicians

Gee I hope the Tremont Mafia doesn't pull its ads off realNEO... oh yeah.. we aren't sell-outs to the Mob.

Disrupt IT

Lilly, I can verify that

Lilly, I can verify that Guy's supporters were ask to leave the courtroom.  I accompanied Guy to court that morning for two reasons.  1) To be a supporter and assist him with anything he needed and 2) To follow this story from beginning to end and maybe cover it for the Plain Press.

Guy and I were seated on the back bench when the blue-shirted deputy came back and said that all "spectators" would have to leave.  He didn't particulary single me out (of course, I wasn't leaving anyway) but the deputy called this out several times.  I just sat still and took notes. 

The other two supporters (I was under the impression they were subpoened) were stopped at the door and told they couldn't come in.  They ended up sitting on the same back row bench as myself and Guy.

Guy was called outside by the Prosecutor and when he came back he was a bit peturbed.  He said the lady prosecutor treated him like he was the defendant and not the victim.   Judge Earley made the statement that this case might be re-assigned.  At that time, she did not indicate exactly why.  I thought that was rather odd and then later that day learned that she did actually recuse herself.


Lilly, I was contacted by


I was contacted by the gentlemen that attended Catania's pretrial September 1st. Evidently they have also been threatened with more than bodily harm by Catania.

"Unfortunately we did not think of using their cellphone cameras to 'trap Cantania's cowardly crap!'

WE thought, correctly, that our collective testimony regarding Catania's prior bad acts... based on our backgrounds... would enlighten the Judge."

One of the gentlemen indicated he had contacted Chris Garland
of TWDC with a "heads up on Catania" the weekend before the indictment even came down. 

fuck catania

and TWDC too.  ;)

It says, vaguelly,  in the

It says, vaguelly,  in the docket why Judge MICHELLE DENISE EARLEY recused herself.  It says:  "JOURNAL ENTRY NOTE: RECUSAL COURT KNOWS PARTIES." 

I see some comments going after Judge Stokes.  But she's just the new judge that's been assigned after Judge Earley recused herself, right?   Did Judge Earley recuse herself because she knows Catania? 

Judge Stokes is kind of a piece of work (and obviously got elected by her last name) who runs her courtroom in a very strange fashion.  But I wouldn't start attacking her handling of this case until we actually see how she handles it.  I'm not sure if the strange things I've heard about Judge Stokes will be something to worry about here or not.  Judge Stokes is mostly disliked by defense attorneys, though my understanding is that the bar is concerned enough about her that they have sent observers to her courtroom to take notes on what's going on.  We also have to be concerned because Catania is "connected", and we al know how dirty the local government is.  

Anyway, criminal defense attorneys dislike Stokes so much that they will often decline clients just because they were assigned to her courtroom, and if they do take on those cases they will sometimes charge a client significantly more money just because they drew Stokes.  This is because she runs her courtroom very inefficiently and strangely, and it becomes a burden on an attorney's schedule.  She's hostile to plea bargaining, she makes people come to court many more times and sit there all day.  Stuff like that.  Also, she's gotten criticized for bringing religion into the proceedings in an arguably imporoper/unconstitutional manner (leading defendants in prayer), and for treating people sitting in her courtroom unfairly (tossing them out if they cough, or getting paranoid about, and hostile to,  who is observing the proceedings in what should be a public courtroom). 

But I've only observed her courtroom once.  It seemed true that she does things inefficiently (lots of angry people wondering why they were told to be there at 9am when she didn't get to them till late afternoon and they had to miss a whole day of work as a result), but that's not necessarily reason to worry here.  I mean, she could argue that she's trying not to treat cases as routine, that she takes more of an active interest in things than other judges.  I can't go by much on one day of observation, but she did seem to care more about her cases than some of the other judges I've seen.  But, again, I've talked to criminal defense lawyers who go into huge rants about her, saying she is a judge from Mars. I don't know how prosecutors feel about her.

My advice is to not do anything "funny" in the court room.  You have every right to be there.  It's supposed to be an open court that citizens can observe.  Don't give them any arguable basis to throw people out or anything like that.  Dress right, don't do anything disruptive, and be polite.  If they still toss you, then that's something we need to make a stink about.

I've already posted my feelings on that Scene article, which I found annoying and angering enough that it caused me to take some interest in this case.  I also saw the PD's online article (and I suspect either Catania or someone close to him was the anonymous commenter under that article who was worried about how much play the PD would give this assault case against a public figure). I, too, thought the PD was trying to paint Mr. Black as a nut.  I don't like people being mistreated, bullied, regarded as second class, threatened, or assaulted.  The prosecutor needs to keep his/her eye on the ball.  If they do, IMO,  Catania should at least be convicted of the menacing charge.  But it is troubling that some of you are saying that the prosecutor is treating Mr. Black like he's the one who has done something wrong.  Put that with what you guys seemed to be saying before, that they were strangely slow to file the charges, and we have reason to be concerned that they're not respecting Mr. Black as an equal citizen under the law.  They had to file the charges in the end, because guys stayed on them and the video shows what it shows, but their delay in doing so was troubling. 

Sorry I went too long here!  I'm too tired to edit it down, so whatever!  :)



Typo correction: "They had

Typo correction: "They had to file the charges in the end, because YOU guys stayed on them and the video shows what it shows, but their delay in doing so was troubling. "


thank you for the comment.  You are correct about Stokes and the prosector's office.  I have expressed the exact same opinion to others.

It took nearly two months for the prosecutor's office to file charges, and now Guy is treated like the criminal in court- by the prosecutor.   Something is not right here.

I was not in court last time - but Jerleen can back me up on this- there were no disruptions or misconduct from Guy or his supporters.

The Queen of Guy's "Entourage" will be in court next time to keep an eye on this case. 

I do not like this either, "I don't like people being mistreated, bullied, regarded as second class, threatened, or assaulted."

Guy is the fourth verified victim of Catania's explosive behavior that I know of.

According to Jerleen:

"I was contacted by the gentlemen that attended Catania's pretrial September 1st. Evidently they have also been threatened with more than bodily harm by Catania.

"Unfortunately we did not think of using their cellphone cameras to 'trap Cantania's cowardly crap!'

WE thought, correctly, that our collective testimony regarding Catania's prior bad acts... based on our backgrounds... would enlighten the Judge."

One of the gentlemen indicated he had contacted Chris Garland
of TWDC with a "heads up on Catania" the weekend before the indictment even came down. "

Yea Lilly, I guess I'll have

Yea Lilly,

I guess I'll have to be "Queen #2" - that is unless we have other Queens that plan on being present - if so, that's ok, I don't mind taking another number.

What I did find interesting is that during the pre-trial hearing, Judge Earley did re-affirm the conditions of Sammy's bond.  She made it very clear to him that his ability to remain out on bail was based on his NOT violating the TPO. 


courtrooms open to the public

"You have every right to be there.  It's supposed to be an open court that citizens can observe."

The only argument that can be made regarding making the people leave the courtroom is based on the size of this small courtroom.  Newly elected judges are given one of the two courtrooms on the 12th floor - which are very small.   I could understand making people leave the court room - temporarily- if the courtoom was crowded with defendants.  In this case, there were plenty of open seats.

This should not be an issue in Stoke's courtroom.  She has been on the bench for a long time, so she has a very spacious courtroom.  No concerns regarding availability of seats.

Guy Black being painted as a 'nut'

I talk to Guy at least once daily and spend a lot of time with him.  He is actually a very intelligent nice person.  

I think the 'nut' is Sammy Catania.

The recusal was because the

The recusal was because the judge knew Catania, right?  That's what I'm assuming from the docket, but I wasn't there. 

The courtrooms are supposed to be open to the public.  Anybody's supposed to be allowed to observe the proceedings, except under special circumstances.  Certainly people who are there to give support to a victim are allowed to be there. 

Guy Black assigned a new prosecutor

Lets hope that this one is better than the last prosecutor.  

With the FBI investigating sitting judges and  the judicial system in Cuyahoga County,  it would not be good timing to attept to screw with the judicial system.

Guy and Catania's court date might be continued

Catania's attorney has requested a continuance.  I will update the information as it becomes available.

Also, unfortunately, Guy was mistaken.  He still has the same prosecutor.

I will be there

all dressed for court. Maybe, I'll bring some friends.

Mmy posts are not right...I don't know what I'm doing wrong???

I was answering Dianna Hill to "THANK " her and I was trying to comment to lmiller  "OUTRAGIOUS"on her post of Guy.... "how" do I make sure "MY" comments...are put to the "right" post, that, I want????  ALL THIS is so new to me....I hate being a beginner!!  Guy is a great guy and I stand by him all the way! ....and Dianna is the best candidate!

Has anyone noticed lately

Has anyone noticed lately that the PD is doing a lot of write-up about Good Ole Tremont? 


Lots of "Community" events at the Treehouse too

Lots of "Community" events at the Treehouse too - Green stuff - Visible Voice local farms fundraiser - yes they are putting lots of money and spin into propping SII things up as usual

Disrupt IT

and...trying to convince us

and...trying to convince us that we like it.  That it's for our own good.

It sucks the real life out of the city

The SII-crap sucks the real life out of the city and replaces it with CoolClevelandtopia, which got old in less than a year and intolerable by 2006...

You just can't bridge build a new economy - you need to let people live new economy lives... even if squatting in abandoned houses or living in poverty in Tremont, and hanging in the park with a dog.

The unnatural concentration of wealth where it was not has attracted crime - hit and run robberies of drunk clubbers make robbers think of hitting homes in the same neighborhood, while they are around casing the Mercedes...

Can't rob the alarmed house with the Mercedes so hit the po-folk house with no A/C and the windows cracked for cool, dirty steel mill air.

All fucked up thanks to our Master Planners at NPI - sponsor of TWDC and all things CDC, and SII... and Sustainable Cleveland 2019... and reImaginaing Cleveland... core to the failure of the region!

If you are still reading, Mr. President.

Thanks for visiting!

Disrupt IT



An answer to Catania's & other animals' legal questions?

Your  personal 'legal' opinion would be appreciated...

Is this statuetory rape??
Or is it just a moosedemeanor?


moosedemeanor I think

funny :)

OMG!!!!...........Say it

OMG!!!!...........Say it ain't so......


Sammy Catania's Pre-trial was continued (at Defendant Attorney's request) until October 6, 2010, at 9:00 A.M.