Sammy Catania's court date for charges of assault and menacing

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Sammy Catania is scheduled for pre-trial on September 1, 2010, 9:00 a.m., Judge Michelle Earley, Courtroom 12 A, 12th floor, Justice Center, 1200 Ontario Street.

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Hey there.  I was following

Hey there.  I was following this after I saw it mentioned in Scene, where I posted the other day.  That silly, inaccurate, and mean-spirited Scene article really bugged me, but I'm glad to see the city finally charged Mr. Catania. I hope the Scene writer took note that Mr. Catania was arrested and taken to the Cleveland jail out in Highland, was charged with two offenses,  is now out on a personal bond, and has a restraining order on him to stay away from Mr. Black and Yogi. 

I don't know how much you guys had to do to get the city to charge him, but I knew you guys would succeed in getting the case filed in the end  if you were persistent.  That's what I was trying to tell that Scene writer, that at the end of the day the videotape shows a crime, and someone who needed to be restrained by a TPO, and prosecutors can't just "brush it off".  

Anyway, I wish you guys the best in court.  It must be humbling for Mr. Catania, but it's for his own good to get his anger issues and abusive and violent tendencies put in check before they escalate.  Just like with domestic violence situations, it's important to get a record going of incidents so the courts can know what they're dealing with down the line should another incident occur. 

Welcome to realneo rmoz6699

And thank you for your comments on Scene.

It is sad when a person has to waste their time insisting that  the city prosecutor do their job and file charges against Catania.  Pressing charges nearly two months after this assault is unacceptable.  

By the way, Catania also had to surrender either his weapon or his CCW permit.  I am not sure which it was.  He  does not need to carry a gun.  Hopefully he will benefit from anger management classes.

I have lost all respect for Scene.   Scene has gone so far down hill, page after page of nothing.   The only thing Scene has going for them is Mike Gill.   Scene has events at Tremont Park and most recently hosted some beer tasting event.  So it is clear where the bias is coming from.   Sad.

that's not ALL The Scene is good for Lily - be fair

that's not ALL The Scene is good for Lily - be fair.

I have a puppy who we are house breaking....

Southern Girl

I hate to admit it, dbra, but on occassion I have run out of TP.

With 9 pups we're even "reading" the PD these days

With 9 pups we're even "reading" the PD these days... and did you know there is still a newspaper called the Garfield Heights Tribune?!?! Part of the Neighborhood News... anyone read that?

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Is this hearing when we find out if he shot a gun in Tremont?

I'm just trying to understand if Sammy shot a gun in Tremont and attacked Guy to keep him quiet or if Sammy didn't shoot a gun in Tremont and attacked Guy because Guy said Sammy shot a gun... how hard is it to get an answer to that question?

Is this hearing when we find out if he shot a gun in Tremont?

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Gun is now history

sammy had to kiss his weapon goodbye- court order.

I am hoping that someone can go to court with Guy on September 1st.  I have a hearing on the same date and time for another matter and can not change the date. 

Guy needs support. 

If someone would be so kind as to volunteer to go with Guy, it would be a good deed and really be appreciated. 

I will pay for gas and parking expenses.

real NEO - Guy is armed... Catania disarmed

real NEO - Guy is armed... Catania disarmed.

That is justice served.

Anyone who doesn't get that is fucked in the head.

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Welcome back HOME, Norm

Justice is served - Catania disarmed hopefully permanently.  With a temper like his, the last thing Catania needs is a gun.

The Wild Tremont West.

I'm just back for a few days of our super-toxo x-man air

I'm just back for a few days of our super-toxo x-man air (patent pending) before returning back to the sanitized, "so that's a steel mill... yuch" environmentally activist command centers out in the mild West, to bring reinforcements to the environmental justice front lines of America, in Cleveland Ohio.

The realNEO crew should meet up - we're having a baby... called real Austin... ICE Austin... something like that...

Got til mid-day Sunday... email me if you want to get together

Action Jackson briefing only media that cares about pollution in OHIO

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Lilly, I would be willing to

Lilly, I would be willing to go on Sept. 1.  I will be gathering information for a Plain Press article covering this story.

Let me know the time of the hearing and I'll make sure I'm there.  Not necessary to pay for gas and parking.  However, since I will be covering the hearing for a news article, if someone else would be willing to go also, it would be great.

Here goes to the best of my

Here goes to the best of my knowledge.  Guy Templeton got word that the police had been called out (by neighbors) to Sammy's house on West 11th due to Sammy firing off several shots into the air from his backyard.

Guy in turn called Henry to inquire about the incident and to have Henry let Sammy know that the rumor was out there.

Henry get home and didn't listen to the entire message, just the part his mom told him and called Sammy, I guess to find out what was giong on.  Sammy I do believe indicated that he was going to speak to know what happened after that.