Scranton Historic District Designation - will it be as "successful" as Brooklyn Centre Historic District??!

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 Scranton Southside Historic District written by Jimmey Perkins


Cities around the world become famous for their ability to appreciate history while also making room for the modern. Cleveland may not be Paris or Rome, but thanks to Tremont West for hiring Wendy Hoge Naylor and Diana Wellman of NaylorWellman,LLC, Cleveland and the Scranton Southside Historic District are moving forward while embracing the history of the area. Hoge Naylor and Wellman have a combined 37 years of experience is historic preservation. The two have recently teamed with Tremont West for the creation of a National Register Historic District along Scranton Road between Parafine and Valentine Avenues. In order to be granted such an honor, Hoge Naylor and Wellman will first have to prove that this neighborhood is important to Cleveland’s past. Their efforts concluded that Scranton Road, which runs north to downtown Cleveland, was historically a major transportation corridor. In 1873, horse drawn streetcars ran from the Scranton Flats over the river to West 3rd and in 1889, an electric street car ran east to west on Clark Avenue. Residential Housing followed as did a heavy German Migration. One building was even a military supplies store in 1866 and its owner was in the Civil War. “At this point, we knew we were on to something of national significance,” said Wellman. “The Ohio Preservation Office agreed.” 366 of the 453 buildings in this area will contribute to the Scranton Road Historic District. According to Wellman, this is 4 times bigger than most districts which usually include approximately 80 buildings. “In order to qualify, a building must be older than 50 years and have integrity,” said Wellman. Currently, The Ohio Preservation Office is tweaking the nomination for the National Register of Historical Places. This is the official list of properties the federal government recognizes as worthy of preservation. The HPO will then give feedback to Hoge Naylor and Wellman before the pair presents their findings to the Ohio Historic Sights Preservation Advisory Board on March 27, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. The case will then be forwarded to the National Park Service under the Secretary of the Interior. If the neighborhood gets a vote in favor of being recognized on the National Registry, all buildings included in the plan will be eligible for federal tax credits. Hoge Naylor and Wellman believe that Cleveland and Scranton Road is on their way to great things. According to Hoge Naylor, “Other successful areas are using the heart of their historic neighborhoods and buildings to bleed into other areas. This has become the Cleveland Development plan.” The two also believe that their efforts, if successful, will bring a new sense of identity to this area. “That identity also brings community pride, financial stability, and a rise in property for residents,” said Hoge Naylor.

Cleveland and Tremont residents can hear more about the status of this project on Tuesday, February 17th at 7:00 PM. The meeting will take place at Gruss Hall, 3115 Scranton Road Cleveland, OH 44109.


Gruss Hall
3115 Scranton Road
Cleveland , OH 44109
United States
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