Sign the Petition - Stop the Land Bank from transfering vacant YMCA to CHN-Eden for shady deal

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SIGTARP and HUD need to stop the unchecked corruption at the Cuyahoga County Land Bank - the Treasury department is already aware that the set up is ripe for fraud and corruption.   This land deal is the epitome of unchecked misuse of public funds.


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WEWS exposes "mistakes" made by Land Bank-Ginmark

number street demo contractor complete date price
10405 Avon Ave Ginmark 9/15/2011 $5,902.00
3549 E 117th St Ginmark 10/18/2011 $6,656.00
24231 Hartland Rd Ginmark 6/29/2011 $7,084.00
1592 E 94th St Ginmark 6/8/2011 $7,840.00
12812 Kirton Ave Ginmark 6/1/2011 $5,030.00
2708 W 41st St Ginmark 3/20/2011 $7,576.00
20570 Crystal Ave Ginmark 6/1/2011 $5,633.00
2208 E 36th St Ginmark 5/19/2011 $4,976.00
18930 Pasnow Ave Ginmark 10/4/2011 $8,626.00
3255 E 118th St Ginmark 9/1/2011 $6,154.00
9710 Almira Ave Ginmark 6/1/2011 $6,570.00
16429 Braddock Ave Ginmark 12/23/2011 $7,833.00
3429 E 118th St Ginmark 9/12/2011 $7,074.00
3914 E 99 St Ginmark 9/26/2011 $6,160.00
5915 Madison  Ginmark 9/1/2011 $1,474.00
901 Thornhill Dr Ginmark 4/27/2012 $9,152.00
909 Thornhill Dr Ginmark 4/26/2012 $12,445.00
931 E 130th St Ginmark 11/1/2011 $6,877.00
11330 Knowlton Ave Ginmark 2/2/2012 $6,710.00
2319 Selzer Ginmark 3/4/2012 $9,800.00
3891 E 188th St Ginmark 1/13/2012 $6,786.00
2183 W 101 St Ginmark 2/27/2012 $7,951.00
3438 W 65th St Ginmark 3/19/2013 $10,476.00
1101 Norwood Rd Ginmark 2/16/2012 $10,420.00
12914 Austin Ave Ginmark 4/19/2012 $7,488.00
3951 E 188th St Ginmark 1/11/2012 $5,971.00
14028 Idarose Ave Ginmark 5/29/2012 $8,951.00
948 Rondel Rd Ginmark 3/23/2012 $7,830.00
3264 E 57th St Ginmark 9/20/2012 $6,275.00
3802 East 52nd St Ginmark 11/12/2013 $9,866.00
11017 Mount Carmel Rd Ginmark 12/6/2012 $6,541.00
3687 E 139th St Ginmark 11/2/2012 $6,699.00
13416 Lambert St Ginmark 7/13/2012 $8,294.00
14404 Potomac Ave Ginmark 7/27/2012 $7,466.00
1328 W 61st St Ginmark 1/28/2013 $8,902.00
3452 E 116th St Ginmark 5/8/2013 $11,693.00
10801 Grandview Ave Ginmark 5/21/2013 $10,830.00
3648 E 59th St Ginmark 4/11/2013 $6,693.00
9116 Cambridge Ave Ginmark 5/14/2013 $5,654.00
7804 Goodman Ave Ginmark 5/29/2013 $7,827.00
8309 Beman Ave Ginmark 7/31/2013 $10,585.00
9714 Union Ave Ginmark 7/10/2013 $9,368.00
12413 Miles Ave Ginmark 3/14/2013 $9,220.00
4151 E 143rd ST Ginmark 6/25/2013 $7,495.00
15201 Naples Ave Ginmark 6/10/2013 $6,520.00
3681 E 114th St Ginmark 6/19/2014 $9,942.00
6620 Charter Ave Ginmark 8/28/2012 $6,723.00
6922 Hecker Ave Ginmark 1/8/2013 $7,640.00
4336 E 141st Ginmark 8/5/2013 $6,511.00
3342 W 56th St Ginmark 2/19/2013 $7,336.00
1426 E 123rd St Ginmark 10/24/2012 $5,928.00
4227 E 99th St Ginmark 11/1/2013 $9,836.00
5709 Linwood Ave Ginmark 11/15/2012 $11,053.00
4656 E 152rd St Ginmark 1/16/2013 $6,435.00
12813 Craven Ave Ginmark 2/26/2013 $7,339.00
7717 Spafford Rd Ginmark 4/30/2013 $7,191.00
2112 W 83rd St Ginmark 2/12/2013 $8,302.00
4147 E 98th St Ginmark 1/13/2014 $10,663.00
3918 Daisy Ginmark 4/29/2014 $10,339.00
31121 Lorain Ave Ginmark 9/4/2013 $6,825.00
10208 Nelson Ave Ginmark 3/12/2014 $7,586.00
13131 W 130th St Ginmark 11/20/2013 $9,630.00
10834 Akins Rd Ginmark 12/6/2013 $10,883.00
2150 W 95th St Ginmark 5/28/2014 $7,892.00
4690 E 144th St Ginmark 4/7/2014 $6,405.00

Ramsey, Brancatelli and Frangos - kickback scheme

Sent to Tony Brancatelli and HUD-
Oct 6, 2016 at 9:07 AM
To:abrancatelli [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org" data-test-id="message-to">abrancatelli [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org,gcantor [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us" data-test-id="message-to">gcantor [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us
Cc:kkelley [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org" data-test-id="message-to">kkelley [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org,azajac [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org" data-test-id="message-to">azajac [at] clevelandcitycouncil [dot] org,jorgelle [dot] lawson [at] hud [dot] gov" data-test-id="message-to">jorgelle [dot] lawson [at] hud [dot] gov
Please provide the details of the proposed YMCA 3881 West 25th St. Rezoning Proposal and Timeline.  Not everyone can make tonight's meeting at Southwest Citizens and just a handful of compliant people do not give you the right to push Jeff Ramsey's CDC kickback scheme to exploit OHFA and HUD monies in our neighborhood over real economic development.
I would like to know how residents can appeal this proposed property transfer - I will be submitting my objections to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Tim Donovan must also recuse himself from any decision regarding West 25th - since his organization receives federal Scenic Byway funds for the corridor.
Rosemary Palmer from South Hills · 12h ago
Updated schedule for rezoning:

The rezoning for the area around the old YMCA will be presented to the Southwest Citizens meeting tomorrow night, October 6 at 7 pm at Gino's Cento Anno, 1314 Denison, Cleveland. 

The Cleveland Planning Commission hearing about the rezoning is Friday, Oct. 7, followed by the 

Oct. 19 City Council Committee meeting for Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee. Second reading of the rezoning is scheduled for Oct. 24 and final reading of legislation is Nov. 7.

RE: YMCA property at 3881 West 25th St:

 I have several unanswered emails to Brian Cummins - ironically, he wants to pretend that he is transparent and a proponent of open govt. Not so - BTW - I archived this information:
Detroit Shoreway made close to a million dollars on the Templin low-income tax credit project. So, do the math on the PSH project and what they expect to get in return.

Also - I sent this to Dane Reich : at 30.08 secs into this Ideastream interview - Akram Boutros admits he has fielded a request for a hotel and grocery store in the Metrohealth service area. Obviously, he did not follow the Ramsey-Cummins script because these two said there has been absolutely NO interest in a hotel or grocery store on W. 25th. So, who is lying?? I don't think the good doctor is lying - but he probably knows that WRLC that has former Old Brooklyn councilman Jim Rokakis on their special West 25th Corridor Thriving Communities payroll to the tune of $129K salary -and Rokakis is also pushing development on the Henninger property (former dump south of Big Creek) owned by guessed it WRLC - and guess who is on the board of WRLC and Metrohealth!! Mitch Schneider.



Demolition of 3881 West 25th St. - IG watch the 50M slush fund

I am requesting an excel file listing of every property parcel sold in the recent October 2016 tax lien sale through Cuyahoga County.  

I am also calling to your attention the selective prosecution of a property adjacent to the planned CHN-Eden land deal brokered through the Land Bank, CDC and Cleveland City Council reps - at 3873 and 3881 Pearl/West 25th.   A person by the name of Lloyd Glover owns a number of properties along Selzer Ave and also some tax delinquent in other parts of Cuyahoga County.  County Prosecutor Tim McGinty selectively prosecuted the Selzer property adjacent to the proposed CHN-Eden Permanent Supportive Housing BR 011406—Treasurer of Cuyahoga County, Ohio vs. Lloyd Glover, a.k.a. etc., et al. - but has not prosecuted the Land Bank demolition contractor Ginmark aka Mark Brookins for the tax lien at 3804 West 25th St. - now with over 40k in back taxes owed.



Demolition Fund now open for applications

from Cuyahoga County communities

1/5/2015 2:00:00 PM The Department of Development is now accepting applications from all Cuyahoga County cities, villages, and townships for up to $1 million to demolish vacant, abandoned, blighted or nuisance structures.  Under the program guidelines set by County Council, each community seeking funding is asked to identify one or more target areas with a demonstrable need for demolition, identify a plan to redevelop the vacant land resulting from demolitions, and show that its proposed demolitions will improve housing quality or strengthen its housing market. Isolated vacant properties with significant demolition needs can also be considered on a “spot” basis. 

Communities may choose to manage their own demolitions, or make arrangements for the County Land Bank to manage some or all of their funded demolitions.  For more information and application forms, communities may email demofund [at] cuyahogacounty [dot] us or call Paul Herdeg, Development Administrator, at (216) 443-7257.

 DSCDO has structured no-compete option to transfer 3881 West 25th (with 118K of back taxes wited out) to Cleveland Housing Network.  How does CHN operate? :

Named in the four-count criminal information are: James Todt, 49, of Brecksville; Lizandro Orellana, 56, of Cleveland; Chris Peterson, 42, of Macedonia, and Modern Construction Group LLC.

Todt worked at the Cleveland Housing Network between 2005 and 2014, where his duties included supervising inspectors and project managers, as well as awarding CHN contracts on various projects for the non-profit community development organization. Orellana owned and operated Modern Construction Group LLC and Peterson owned and operated Top Notch Construction, according to the information.

How to get property for FREE in Cuy Cty -Kickbacks

CHN Housing Partners AKA Cleveland Housing Network in cohoot with Eden got to open their presents early this year:

Transfer Date: 12/21/2018 2:14:00 PM
AF Number:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey Fee Convey No Multiple Sale / No of Parcels
009-01-052 Quit Claim Deed Ex / $.00 $.00   0 / 3
Grantee(s) Grantor(s)
Other Parcel(s)

Here's another early present for the George Group- the George Group turned around and sold the condemned property at 3025 W 25 St for $115K.

Transfer Date: 9/11/2017 10:29:00 AM
AF Number:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey Fee Convey No Multiple Sale / No of Parcels
008-05-014 Quit Claim Deed Ex / $.00 $.00   0 / 1
Grantee(s) Grantor(s)