Special screening at the Cinematheque: Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970, 35 min.)

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Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty (1970, 35 min.) will be screened on January 31, 6:30 PM, at the CIA Cinematheque, Aitken Auditorium.

Kirsten Swenson, Visiting Lecturer in Contemporary Art at Case, will introduce the artist's film based on his famous earthwork in the Great Salt Lake, Utah.  The Spiral Jetty film was considered by Smithson a work of art in its own right, not merely documentation.  The film itself one of the most influential artworks of the 20th century, and this is a rare opportunity to view it in its entirety.


CIA Cinematheque, Aitken Auditorium
11141 East Blvd.
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Thanks for the heads up on

Thanks for the heads up on the Smithson film.

Here’s what he did in our neighborhood.

Partially Buried Woodshed in Stark County.

This site is very interesting.  Land Art...

They also have an image and description of the Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty film and presentation was excellent

Cleveland at its best... leave home in Ohio City at 6:15 and park for free and be on time for a world-class, free 6:30 presentation at the CIA - today with the screening of the film Spiral Jetty. There, with a nice mix of artists and those interested in the arts, we listened to Kirsten Swenson, Visiting Lecturer in Contemporary Art at Case, speaking on a fascinating artist, Robert Smithson, including insight on a very cool project he did at Kent State, right before the shootings, which Susan writes about below.

Then, Kirstin showed Smithson's 1970 film Spiral Jetty, about his most important work, a major art installation in Great Salt Lake that is one of the great works of American contemporary art. Interesting, the sculpture is not meant to be seen by the public - the film documents the creation of Spiral Jetty, in a unique and artistic way, and that is what Smithson intended to be the artistic outcome of the project. He suceeded, as the film is excellent.

The sad thing is these innocent moments at CIA and University Circle of today are fleeting. CIA intends to demolish the building we were sitting in, and it will be the site of luxury condos, and the CIA of the future will be as bold and state of the art in its way as the Case Gehry business school is today. No matter what, at the future CIA of the Triangle, surrounded by new urbanism, condos, apartments and activity, parking won't be such a breeze. I really am enjoying the CIA now more than ever because I know this is the end of their movement to entropy - a concept that interested Smithson - before they enter a new lifecycle in a completely different place and form. I'll miss the CIA of today, but look forward to the next stage. And appreciate all the great free activities they provide the community, like showing Spiral Jetty today.

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