St. Paddy's Day

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Just in time for St. Paddy's Day, a Drupal site worth noting.

And, an invitation from another Cleveland Drupal site.


Post your photos here :)

Erin go bragh REALNEO!

(What happened to the leprechaun photo of Cleveland's Daniel Ray??)

I'll be at A.J. Rocco's by 1 - see you there?!?!

See header of the day - this is the place to begin your St. Paddy - Huron and E. 9th - and E.9th is a great place to see the parade...

I will definitely posts lots of pictures here - one of my first REALNEO photo shoots was St. Paddy 2005, and the parade is a family tradition that goes back to my childhood...

Disrupt IT

Daniel Ray

  What happened to your Daniel Ray photo :(

Will you lose those lovely locks again this year?!  Working tomorrow. No green fun for me.

I just fixed Daniel Ray - and yes I'm getting shaved again today

I just noticed that photos was screwed up and fixed it - see posting here - and I made the mistake of stopping by AJs today and that convinced me to shave my head again this St. Paddys - see before posting here...

Disrupt IT

Daniel Ray

Please contact me via this site--thanks Daniel Ray--we need your assistance. 

Please send your phone or email to BCCA. bcca07 [at] yahoo [dot] com <bcca07 [at] yahoo [dot] com>