The Ohio Nanotechnology Summit

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Announcement: The
Ohio Nanotechnology Summit


Ohio’s statewide conference on nanotechnology
will be held March 2 and 3, 2005, at the Hope Hotel & Conference Center in Dayton, Ohio.
Ohio Nanotechnology Summit
will offer a unique opportunity to get a
first-hand perspective on the boundless potential that this exciting technical
field holds for Ohio’s economy and its citizens. The
objectives of the meeting are to:

  • capture a sense of what is
    happening in nanotechnology around the state in industry, academia and
    Ohio-based federal labs;
  • foster and promote collaborations
    within the state that will lead to positive economic outcomes based on
    nanotechnology; and
  • hear a national perspective on
    nanotechnology from prominent experts in the nanotechnology arena.
  • The summit will begin with your
    choice of an opportunity to learn more about nanotechnology by attending a
    nanobasics primer or a tour of nanotechnology labs at the Air Force Research
    Laboratory Materials Directorate.

The meeting will seek to identify the areas that have
the most potential for near-, medium- and long-range successes in the conversion
of nanotechnology to new materials, products and devices. The sessions at the
will focus on materials, manufacturing and biomedical applications.
Be a part of the action as Ohio paves the way from discovery to
development to technology commercialization.

Ohio Nanotechnology Summit
is being championed by the Governor’s Office of
Science and Technology and is designed to inventory and share the growing wealth
of nanotechnology knowledge in the state, as well as to plan for continued
growth, said Patrick Valente, Deputy Director of the Ohio Department of
Development’s Technology Division. “We know Ohio has strengths in nanotechnology,� Valente
said. “What we want to do now is inventory those assets and decide what are the
next steps to take in order to build on our strengths and advance this
technology in Ohio. We’re looking for everyone involved in
nanotechnology -- from research to business to education -- to take
Akron-born Nobel laureate Richard Smalley will present the
keynote address at the conference, to be held at the Hope Hotel
and Conference Center located at Wright-Patterson Air
Force Base. The event is being sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development
in collaboration with local host University of Dayton
Research Institute and the Ohio State
University, the Cleveland Clinic, Miami
University, CAMP Inc. in Cleveland and Novak and Associates in Dayton. Information on the summit,
registration, lodging and sponsorship can be found at the Ohio Nanotechnology
Summit Web site at The Ohio Center for
Theoretical Science
website under the “workshops�
link, or by calling (614) 292-2368.
The two-day schedule also includes
sessions on materials, biomedicine and manufacturing formatted to include podium
talks, panel discussions and poster presentations by Ohio’s leaders in the
field, said Mickey McCabe, director of the University of Dayton Research
Institute and head of the summit planning committee. Because of time
limitations, the main form of presentations to the attendees will be the Poster
Sessions. Poster submissions will be accepted from anyone in the State of
Ohio working in the area of nanotechnology as
it applies to materials, biomedicine and manufacturing. Easels will be provided.
Space is assigned to each poster as it is submitted. Guidelines for poster
submissions are attached.

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Ohio Nanotechnology Summit
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Hope Hotel & Conference Center in Dayton, Ohio
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