Come and talk with Directors Daryl Rush, Community Development and Ed Rybka

Submitted by Rebecca Kempton on Fri, 05/06/2011 - 23:30.

                                  You must attend the May 11th, 6 p.m., St. Rocco's Church 3205 Fulton Road.

Come and talk with  Directors Daryl Rush, Community Development and Ed Rybka, Building & Housing  
Ask Why are area has been neglected.


Abandoned buildings can be associated with a wide variety of socio-economic problems. They are magnets for criminal activity, including the consumption and trade of drugs, prostitution, and crime against property. They erode not only the aesthetic appeal of whole neighborhoods, but also the social fabric of the communities in which they are located. Abandoned buildings cause property values in surrounding areas to decline, and represent a waste of resources that is cruelly ironic in areas plagued by homelessness and a lack of affordable housing. They also pose health and safety risks, often constituting fire and toxic waste hazards and regularly becoming rodent infested. Finally, abandoned buildings have a tendency to cluster in certain neighborhoods, a phenomena which is, itself, partly a symptom of the tendency of abandonment to encourage further abandonment in a self-reinforcing, vicious circle of urban blight and decline.  -- Mark Setterfeild


We have to Stop this cycle in our community


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This house is on West 33- 

This house is on West 33-  The photo was taken May 6th.



Rebecca Kempton

Hopefully all the residents will come and feel comfortable...

speaking the truth at this public forum....


But, did they mail notices to the residents? Just curious.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Councilman Cummins

Confirmed for this event--I will most likely not be able to attend due to a family matter, but if possible--could someone please tape this and post to REALNEO.  Thanks!

SEE and print out flyer attached:

Dear Fellow Residents,
Portions of our neighborhood resemble a war zone with abandoned, burned out, vandalized, condemned properties, crime magnets that sit for months and months. 
We have documented over 700 vacant homes, 206 of which have been condemned. 
In the past we've gotten approximately 2% of citywide demolitions while funds go to stabilize other neighborhoods.  Money to demolish these eyesores DOES exist through Federal grants, NSP-2 and NSP-3, .  We are not getting out fair share!
We are conducting a dialogue with Directors Daryl Rush, Community Development and Ed Rybka, Building & Housing, May 11th, 6 p.m., St. Rocco's Church 3205 Fulton Road.  If you care about your neighborhood, your safety, your property values, join us in demanding the service we deserve.
Kate Dupuis 216.281.0333
Transportation to and from provided if necessary. 

Too bad that our city council, code enforcers, and inspectors...

were so busy trying to make a BIG BUSINESS out of the housing stock and LANDBANKING these houses along the way....for their NOT FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY COULD fly back in, gobble up these houses for pennies on the dollar, and get millions in federal funding to RESTORE some, REHAB others, and DEMO the rest...... INSTEAD of empowering the REAL ESTATE INVESTORS who are working FOR PROFIT businesses to have opportunities to invest in them...but then again-the ones that did have been FINED THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for things to the point that many of the real estate investors are afraid to invest into the community.... It's like; IF YOU AIN'T IN BED WITH THE CDC & BEING USED BY THEM IN SOME DYNAMIC FOR THEIR BENEFIT...THEN YOU ARE THEIR TARGET...........comical.

No boundaries.


1) Homeowner's (& auto) Insurance Rates are ASTRONOMICAL and even REDLINED by insurance companies like ALLSTATE in areas such as Ward 14.

2) Crime is high...

3) Vandalism is high....

4) Schools are questionable... (Parochials are good.) 

5) Infrastructure like roads and water/sewer systems are deteriorated.

6) Families with children are surrounded by registered sex offenders as we have such a high per capita amount of offenders in our community.............

Makes for extra undue stress as a parent trying to protect your child, loss of sleep, and shortened lifespan at the end of the day...

Okay... there are totally awesome things to also enjoy in Ward 14.....(other than the broken struts, blown out tires, and exhaust system damages caused by our rocky roads that resemble a warzone...) such as some of the best highway access in the EVERYTHING else.... minutes from downtown; close enough to hear the fireworks down at Progressive Field (Indians' Stadium)... minutes from great shopping at Steelyard Commons and so much more. Walking distance to the Zoo... Home to Metro Hospital... Home to St. Rocco's Festival (Labor Day weekends) and Johnny's Bar and Bruno's Restaurant. We have multiple libraries, Meyers Pool on Meyer Avenue, Applewood Center (Formerly the Jones Home), and even several grocery stores like Save A Lot on Clark (Open 24 hours) and Aldi's on W.25th. We also have the Boys and Girls club and the Pit Stop (24 hour coffee shop/Clark) and Jo De's Pizzeria, a family owned pizza shop at Fulton & Sackett for over 25 years!

Known as the "International Village" Ward 14 is like the Melting Pot of Cleveland.... We have a world of international ethnic groups mingling here....

We have amazing elders who have been lifelong residents of our community and never left, despite their children moving out. We have hillbillies from Appalachia and retired factory workers from all the industries of years ago. Diversity is our middle name including hard workers, retirees, disabled, widows/widowers, addicts, felons, and happy grandmas live here and families from all walks of life.

We have blessings in disguise that far outweigh the gold at the end of many folk's rainbows...who have moved away... We are colorful, faithful, and dedicated to our community...

Even when it'd be CHEAPER to move away....walking in your church and seeing the beauty inside can make it seem like you are in another world...

INVITE business investors to fill those empty storefronts....and to partake in revitalizing the community....Quit taxing them with corrupt practices(Inspectors with their hands out & housing court). Equitable relief should be considered at every corner of this Ward that has been the pawn for so many of your CDC folks for TOO LONG! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"