Visite d'auteur Marie-Jeanne Urech

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Chers Amis, Join us for a reading of short stories in French by Author Marie-Jeanne Urech. Afterwards tour the Foreign Literature and Audio-Video Departments.

Marie-Jeanne Urech was born in 1976 in Lausanne, Switzerland. She completed her bachelor’s in Social Sciences (Sociology and Anthropology) from the University de Lausanne and finally graduated from the London Film School. She has won a number of awards at various international festivals and is also an accomplished poet and novelist, having had her poems, short stories and plays published the world over. Her first novel “La Salle d’Attente” was published in Switzerland, 2004.

Cleveland Public Library Foreign Literature Department 325 Superior Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44114-1271 Phone: (216) 623-2895


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