Water Bill Woes?

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Mark your February calendars--Maple Heights Cuyahoga County Library

5226 Library Lane  Maple Hts., Ohio 44137

Councilwoman Neomia Mitchell of Maple Heights and Kimberly F. Brown of Doveside Promotions LCC present 'Understanding your Water Bill in conjunction with the Cleveland Water Department.'

Residents are asked to bring their current Water Bill and Identification to receive an "on spot" assessment.

Don't get caught with an "outrageous" water bill or a "shut off" notice -

Get Help Now! All are welcomed to attend.

Cuyahoga County Region of Connected Voters - Keeping you Informed and Telling you what the Media Won't!

5225 Library Lane Maple Heights, Ohio  44137-1291

Off Libby Road between Broadway & Lee

6:00-8:30 p.m.


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Neomia Mitchell is a very wonderful lady...

I had the blessing of meeting her last summer...Very nice lady! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Drip, drip...drip...

The sound of water...while you wait for some one to help you with a City of Cleveland water problem.  I am not kidding.  I think it's a joke, but then again--in Cleveland--folks have a hard time with humor or sarcasm, especially on line.

Keep on truckin' Angel. 

That's the sound of water dripping from my broken drain pipe...

in the ceiling...drip,drip, drip...til we can afford to tear out the old drains, replace them, and then reinstall the kitchen ceiling that was destroyed by mold damage before we really knew there was a "LEAK!" 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Water Bill Woes--Tuesday

Press Release


For Immediate Release

February 11 - 15, 2011                                       



Maple Heights Council Woman and Community Business Leader

 “Call Out”

Water Department Reps to Fix Billing Issues on Spot


Maple Heights Ohio/February 2011 – Council Woman Neomia Mitchell of Maple Heights and Business Owner/Former County Council District 9 candidate Kimberly F. Brown partner with the City of Cleveland Water Department to help Cuyahoga County residents with billing issues. For several years, the Cleveland Water Department has issued bills to residents that have caused an up roar. Some homeowners are being double billed while others are having a difficult time getting a bill from the Water Department.


Councilwoman Mitchell has received ongoing complaints from constituents about billing errors and customer service. “Constituents are asking me to assist them with their billing issues with the Water Department. Many are concerned about broken meters, no meters, and outrageous bills and shut off notices. As a homeowner and their Elected Council Representative, I want to be able to assist all residents and find amicable resolutions to this ongoing problem” stated Mitchell.  Brown unlike Mitchell appeared on Television 19/43 action news because she had not received a water bill in two years. ‘This is an ongoing problem with the Water Department. I literally had to beg them for an initial bill – and since that time I have now received a back dated follow up. It appears that I am being charged for an additional month of which I have already paid. It is my hope that representatives from the Water Department will be able to find the glitch in their system that is causing much havoc. To be over billed is a major issue especially for people who are on a fixed income – and to not receive a bill is scary. No one wants a huge water bill with the threat of a shut off

Notice, “says Brown.


Councilwoman Mitchell, Brown and representatives from the Water Department will hold an on-site on the spot meeting with residents of Cuyahoga County on

Tuesday February 15, 2011 from 6:00pm

to 8pm at the Maple Heights Cuyahoga County Library  5225 Library Lane Maple Heights, Ohio 44137.


Residents who are having billing problems are encouraged to come out and meet with representatives of the Water Department.   Billing assessments will be provided.  Residents should bring a photo ID as well as their current water bill.


Mitchell and Brown will also reveal a HELP plan snippet to aid the city with this ongoing issue


For More Information Contact


Mr. Robert Brown

clsbrownr [at] yahoo [dot] com

(216) 323-7417

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