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World Book Day is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in the UK and Ireland (how about NEO, too!). Sunflowers are just for visual interest--Enjoy :)

Pre-schools and Secondary Schools in the UK need to register to receive support material including the World Book Day £1 Book Tokens.  UK Primary Schools and all Irish Schools on the DES database will automatically receive material.

The WBD Helpline for schools is at 01634 729810 or wbd [at] education [dot] co [dot] uk

Commercial companies, major organisations and retailers should not exploit World Book Day or the logo without prior permission of the charity. A contribution to the core fund of World Book Day will be sought.

World Book Day Ltd is registered charity number: 1079257

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Neil Gaiman is a ROCK STAR!

  I am going to make a conservative estimate here--500-600+ turned out to hear the author speak at Cleveland Public Library today.  What a great event.  He gave a nod to Cleveland's own Harlan Ellison and discussed the relevance of imagination to our culture. 

CPL Director Felton Thomas was generous to those of us relegated to the overflow room--we got a fleeting in person moment with the author.  It made my day!