"Thought Leaders" discuss takedown of East Cleveland

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07/22/2014 - 05:57



The subject of merging Cleveland and East Cleveland together has come up every few years, and recently, it was floated as a way to both solve East Cleveland's persistent economic problems and increase the Cleveland population. Others see this as a loss of identity and political power, and are concerned that they might lose control of historical landmarks, natural resources and real estate adjacent to University Circle. There is still resistance to joining the two cities together. 

Civic Commons ideastream, Cleveland Scene and the Cleveland YPS - The Cleveland Young Professional Senate are organizing two salon-style discussions on this topic - one that could change the face of Cuyahoga County forever. What are the pros and cons of having just one Cleveland? What would be good and bad for the residents, the government, and the region? We'll get into these questions with thought leaders including Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley and Councilmembers Zack Reed and Michael Polensek, Cuyahoga County Next Generation Council members Michael Hudecek and Tara Vanta, and others to be announced. We hope to see you in two weeks!

July 22, 2014
5:30-7 p.m.
East Cleveland Public Library - smaller auditorium
14101 Euclid Ave.
East Cleveland, OH 44112

July 24, 2014
5:30-7 p.m.
Market Garden Brewery - Ohio City Room
1947 W. 25th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113



For background -read commments by former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Jonathon Brewer - mysteriously NOT invited to the forum.