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Submitted by mrjamesfelder on Fri, 02/27/2009 - 00:46.

New organization needs help.

Fun with Family’s.
This Organization was founded by James Felder on the second floor of the Cleveland State University Auditorium while listening to the Speech given by Michelle Obama on behalf of Barrack Obama. The Obama family’s call for action in our communities has motivated me to start this organization.
Our mission is simple, yet grand. We are determined to help provide a positive outlook on life so that we together can overcome our daily obstacles. In lifting up others we look to life up ourselves as well. With life being the greatest gift of all, handed down to use from our almighty father above and protected by our ancestors, we look to preserve a good quality of life in this region s well as ensuring that future generations can call Cleveland, Safe, Fun, Educated, and most importantly, Home.
With the passing of the honorable Fannie Lewis and the inspiration provided by our new president I now realize the importance of the responsibilities and power that ordinary people now have. In knowing this it is this organizations mission to uphold that values that create a positive community atmosphere and also to create an energy that will propel this region to an even more prosperous state. We plan on doing this by helping city leaders and citizens of this community fill the gaps that exist in our current educational structure through providing educational resources to troubled parents and teens, educating citizens on the ails of our environment as well as our health care system, as well in providing activities that will prevent drug and alcohol abuse. In the end we want to unite under the umbrella of unity to meet the common goals of our future, it is of the utmost importance that we succeed.

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