CAAO is chosen as a finalist in the Circle of 10

Submitted by William on Sat, 03/18/2006 - 09:22.

CAAO is one of the ten non-profit organizations that were selected in BrownFlynn's Circle of 10! Out of 63 entrants, 10 creative and passionate non-profits rose to the top.

In this competition, the organization that has the most donors, raises the most money, and complies with the requirements as instructed in the RFP will be awarded $10,000 in cash and $10,000 in consultant services from BrownFlynn. The competition will end October 10, 2006.

Go to to get more information on the program and how you can help.

This opportunity will go a long way in helping to strengthen CAAO's mantra of Look...Listen....Link. CAAO would like to congratulate the other 9 non-profits that were chosen to be part of the Circle of 10. CAAO looks forward to getting to know the 9 other non-profits and hopes to find opportunities to collaborate in the future. CAAO would also like to thank BrownFlynn for thinking outside the box and creating such an innovative program to help celebrate their 10-year anniversary.

About BrownFlynn: A community relationship management firm, BrownFlynn helps organizations "do well while doing good" in the community. We combine a collaborative approach, innovative consultation and communications solutions to create strategic connections within and between businesses, non-profit organizations and foundations. Respected for our integrity and known for our conscientious style, we are vested in our clients, communities and one another. Click on to visit BrownFlynn's website.

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Let the community know how we can help CAAO win!!

Great work, William. I'm more amazed by CAAO every day. So how may people in the community help CAAO win this competition... ?

How you can help CAAO

Hello Norm,

CAAO's plan is to get folks to donate $10.00 and find 10 others to donate $10.00.  If CAAO wins the competition we will use the prize money for CAAO's Youth Innovation Forum (YIF) - think tank for urban youth to generate ideas for new products, fresh designs and creations with the goal of selling its services to market research organizations.

To donate to CAAO online go to Only residents of Ohio can donate funds to this program.