Cleveland IndieClub Meeting - May 21

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Cleveland IndieClub FREE Monthly Networking Meeting – May 21, 2006

The Cleveland IndieClub meets every month, free of charge, for those who have the passion for making movies using film or video (whether it is in acting, directing, producing, writing, lighting or any other skill) and are looking for others who have similar interests.

Cleveland IndieClub is administrated by Johnny K. Wu with the collaboration of Bill Johns and generally hosted each month by their members, which offers each an opportunity to create a variety of interest and topic. Cleveland IndieClub official website:

NOTE: Every months we have had a standing room only of over 65 people participating, come early to get a seat. :)

Sunday, May 21, 1pm to 4pm at

The Hyacinth Lofts

3030 East 63rd Street

Cleveland, Ohio, 44127

Please park on the street and enter from front of the building.

Dial 022 to be buzzed in


Guest: Robert Banks Jr.

Raising the bar for filmmakers

This months topic is to discuss the importance to raise the bar for filmmakers and not just go out and shoot, but understanding the importance of making a good movie by telling a visual story. Robert and Johnny Wu/Bill Johnswill discuss the importance of crafting a good visual entertainment.


In addition, We will screen and discusss short films, scenes, and trailers from:


- NBTV's short spots (4spots, 2 mins total)

- The Rage BTS footage with many IndieClub members (28 Mins)

- Jim Leo's movie trailer Passing the Bar

- John Riddlebaugh's It's the End, Beautiful Friend (10 mins)

- Bryan Pixler moc-trailer "Jesse James" (1 mins)

- Brendan Malloy's short film (3 mins)

- Jeff Yanik's short film Murder at Midnight (7 mins)

- Tony Samangy's Music Video Cinnamon (4mins)

- Jami Ross' Music video Wanting, directed by Bill Johns (4 mins)

- Johnny Wu's thriller short film En Passant (7mins)

- Johnny Wu's new movie teaser for The Rapture (a live-action Anime styled film) and BTS clip (6 mins)

Raffle for DVDs from your local filmmakers

For more information about Cleveland IndieClub, visit Cleveland IndieClub @


Organized and sponsored by Johnny K. Wu & Media Design Imaging ( Co-sponsored by Michael Balas & Media Group Studios (, David Perkowski & The Hyacinth Lofts (, Bill Johns & Cinevid Productions (, the Cleveland IndieClub members, and the current monthly host. For the first past 2 years, Cleveland IndieClub was also co-sponsored by Talkies Movie & Coffee Bar ( located at Ohio City.

Next meeting is scheduled for June 18, 2006, hosted by Steve Krammer

NOTE: If you have a movie on dvd that you would like to have it raffled, bring it to the meeting to have it raffled off to the participants. We have monthly attendees of around 60 people, if you have short films (no longer than 30 mins) that you would like to present and talk about it for future meetings, please email me at johnny [at] mdifilm [dot] com (first come first serve)



Johnny K. Wu




President 2006 & 2007

Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland


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