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Hello everyone,

This past weekend (April 8-9), with the help of talented professionals crew and cast, we warped up our shoot for The Rapture's teaser, this teaser will be distributed via internet and dvd to any interested party who would like to get involved with this project. Several copies will be sent along with A Joker's Card to film markets such as Cannes, Hong Kong, American Film Market, and Toronto's.

The Rapture is a Sci-fi/Action genre film with a strong style based on many live-action Anime films that has influenced me, and so, I decided, thanks to the success of A Joker's Card, to create this feature film with our own storyline, and superheroes/villiams of our own so it can be eventually go to theatrical and DVD release/distribution. We have researched our market well and after almost 1 year of pre-production, we are set to roll.

Synopsis for The Rapture: Trust: Just a five-letter word, but one that carries more weight in this world than any could fathom. What happens when sabotage, deceit, and betrayal push trust to the breaking point? When Midael and Abaddon, two enhanced humans (Chimaeras: Midael with 15' long metal wings that shoots out like daggers, Abaddon/Job with 15' long metal tail and can manipulate energy), become part of a high-stakes and violent game of cat-and-mouse, each learns just how much trust can be lost when everyone they meet has an agenda.

Cast includes: George Tutie as Midael, Brian Richeson as Job/Abaddon, Annie Kitral as Dr. Gutierrez, Tom Fulton as Mr. Big, Chandler Chapman as Michael, Donna Williams as Mia Myros, Brandy Seymour as Ydnarb, Mary Faktor as Master Biso, E. Ray Goodwin Jr. as E, Nicholas D'Amico as Jack, Kyle Znamenak as Jonathan, and several others.

So, here are the links to stills taken out directly from the footage, they are raw, without being touched up (yet), and it will NOT be what you will be seeing on the final teaser cut, but at least, you can enjoy the look and feel of things to come. (photo shoot on April 1) (fight between Ydnarb vs Mia)


Midael (Job about to shoots out an energy ball)

Job (our all powerful military leader Michael) (the military men, props was graciously provided by Malabar Front) (Military men being thrown back by energy ball) (Dr. Gutierrez at lab) (Jonathan in prison)


Enjoy. Principal photography for this feature starts this Summer in July 2006. Crew includes Bill Johns, Peter Sampson, Jeff Yank, Christine Chapman, Chandler Chapman, Adrew Sokol, Andre Schofield, Tom Luhtala, Robert Banks, Joe Thompson, Anthony Samangy, Patrick Antone, Wayne Orris, Jim Orrosz, James Geier, Joseph Shaw, Brian Tomaselli, Cynthia Grahm, Richard Ingraham, Armon Arcuri, Mike Bove, Tony Brown, Nick Brown, Brendan Malloy, Jason Hilton, Kathy Fitzgeral, Steven Lebed, Jeff Collins, Don Gregory, and a lot more.


PS: for anyone interested in my latest short film En Passant, a thriller film, visit


Johnny K. Wu


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