Guarantee "Mailing List"

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 10/13/2004 - 15:54.

It seems the mailing list was tested, but the comment says it's not guaranteed - would you reword that with simple instruction on the mailing list function - perhaps a link to the mailing list page

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The title was there temporari

The title was there temporarily and accidentally. The mailing list is functional, and everyone that was signed up on the

The address is "realneo [at] lists [dot] bryght [dot] com". Members can send email to that address and everyone will receive it, OR they can post to the mailing list forum and it will be sent to the list as well.

It would probably be useful for you to do an introductory mail to that address.

Introducing Mailing List

Thanks Boris. Sounds good. I'll send an updated welcome and introduction in a few days - probably Sunday - at which time I expect to have the site nicely formatted and full of great content and as close a taxonomy as possible to the ultimate structure (and I'll know how to work everything a lot better).

Still plugging away on everything. I appreciate your help - everything we're doing is being well received here