Making Cleveland a world aerosol art capital

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 10/29/2005 - 23:06.

As I ride the RTA and run around the Cleveland area each day I appreciate how much good aerosol art talent we have. These artists are considered vandals 364 days a year and given a little festival 1 day a year. We should do more for these artists and their art.


I've long felt we could make the RTA line an aerosol art museum and create industry around the artists' work - they can make money, tourists will come here from around the world - and what is now an ugly stretch of wasteland-track would become a global attraction.


Cleveland would be seen as visionary for this - for a change - wouldn't that be nice. Your thoughts?

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Environmental Implications

Norm, great idea to create a new artistic center / capital for our region - my concern, however, would be to keep in mind the damaging effects of the chloroflourocarbons (CFC's) in aerosol and the harm they do to the ozone layer.

This brings to mind a new opportunity.. non-damaging propellants for the paint in question - thus creating a win-win artistically and enviironmentally.

Is there such a thing as eco-friendly spray paint

I never thought about the implications on the environment (other than the obvious issue of people painting trees, etc...) - does anyone know anything about good vs. bad spray paint?