? of the Day: What interesting wildlife have you seen in urban NEO lately?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 06/03/2006 - 15:28.


I came across a wild turkey in the road at Forest Hills and Lee, on the edge of Forest Hills Park in urban East Cleveland. I got out to photograph and was amazed how close I could get and how disoriented it was, just walking around the road. It didn't take flight - I wonder if it is healthy or sick - lives there or is just stopping for a drink - is breeding. Anyone else seen Wild Turkeys or other unexpected wildlife in our urban core?
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Deer are moving to Shaker Heights

I recently saw three deer calmly feeding near the boardwalk at Shaker Lakes Nature Center. Maybe they are moving in from Solon?

Deer are probably safer in Shaker than Solon... coyotes too

With the movement in the suburbs to kill deer, I can see why they would move into town. I saw a coyote in the garage at my parents house in Shaker several years ago... poor thing probably died of lead poisioning, though... and it doesn't look any more healthy for the blue heron in the "duckpond", which has become a cest pool from all the phosphate and other chemical runoff from all the lovely lawns and Shaker Country Club Golf Course, polluting Doan Brook all the way to Lake Erie... it isn't safe for wild things anywhere around here, but it's interesting watching them try to eek out their existences under these hostile manmade  circumstance.

Adding Hawk and Blue Heron to listing of Urban Wildlife

From another posting on a similar subject...

There were lots of opossums at a place I rented in Pepper Pike, on Lander by Fairmount... they seem common out there. Also, bunnies... and huge mutant crows that ate the bunnies.

And we certainly have skunks all over the region... we smell them all the time in our back yard... haven't seen one though, in EC.

Now the coolest thing I've seen was a HUGE Red Tail Hawk, Evelyn believes, in my parents' back yard, a few months ago. It nailed a squirrel and ate it up right on their neighbors' patio. HUGE, I tell you.

And then there is the Blue Heron at the Shaker Lakes... very cool.

Regionalize nature! Don't kill it off at the suburbs... let it flourish where it finds a home, like East Cleveland. Coyotes can't be worse than the packs of wild dogs in Rockefeller Park!

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Is a Robin interesting wildlife?

I think they're awesome... this nesting from the Spring of 2008, in Shaker Heights

My parents noticed a robin's nest in an aged Taxus tree on their back patio, low enough to nearly be in reach, and in good sight from a window up above. The other day, we saw robin's egg blue in the nest...  today, there are three altricial chicks, which we watched their early-bird parents feed worms.

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five legs cow

A few month ago, I saw a cow with five legs. Seeing a cow with five legs was quite amazing and interesting too. Everyone were shocked seeing it. And it became the highlight news in our city. It was taken as God miracle and was kept in a temple and worshiped. It was so unbelieveable that a huge crowd used to gather to see and worship the cow. It was also believed that those people who goes below the five legs cow would go to the heaven. It was totally superstious and  was so funny to see people doing such activities.

I have not seen a wild turkey though in the city areas but seen some groups of  amazon parrots getting over the eastern  part or let's say here in the roads last februrary.

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