One question for each candidate

Submitted by SickandTired on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 19:47.


I live in what will be the new ward 14 and although I always voted and paid attention to what was going on in my ward (15) I not one to be overly vocal.
So please note this is my first post on Real Neo (which I like very much!).
I am so concerned about the upcoming council race and I feel there are questions that need to be addressed.
So here is my questions to each candidate:
Joe Santiago:
How will you go about bringing uniting the community if you are re-elected and will you publicly admit that you made mistakes during your first term?
Mosses Torres:
Did you actually quit your job with the city to run for council or did you take a leave of absents?
Rick Nagain:
Are you still a communists? If not why and when did you leave the party?
Brian Cummins:
Will you be able to work with the mayor after he endorsed Santiago?
Nelson Cintron:
Do you think City council will be fair to you after you lead the recall?
James Deminko:
Why did you want to run in ward 14 instead of your own ward?
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