Preventative Measures as proactive health asssurance

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Sun, 10/30/2005 - 23:59.

I thought a good forum starter would be the many preventative strategies we as citizens can take to foster healthier communities. Nutrition and Fitness speak volumes here - envision, for example, the possibilities when East Clevelanders can afford quality organic produce (an initiative being championed by the Botanical Gardens) and thus benefit from the superior nutritional value - so kids can study better, sleep better and live better. There is also merit to several civic initiatives promoting physical education and fitness. We have, for far too long, relied so heavily on automated transportation, computers, and fast-food culture that we have sacrificed the opportunity to get healthy via bike and pedestrian travel and regular exercise. The common excuse of 'not enough time' no longer flies - most workplaces have instituted in-house fitness centers. A final word on diet - quantity reduction can be just as important as quality enhancement - most restaurants serve portions much too large for a healthy single meal. Though customers might feel they really get their money's worth , health suffers. A smart workaround would be eating a reasonable amount and doggie-bagging the rest. It makes economic sense as well - to pack away the next day's lunch. Any other thoughts?

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