Thank You to the RealNeo Network

Submitted by William on Sat, 05/13/2006 - 11:46.

I want to thank all in the RealNeo Network that helped promote the CAAO Online Silent Executive Auction.  You helped us raise the most money since we started this program two years ago.

Even though there were bidders participating in the auction from all areas of Ohio, the winning bidders in the auction are from 13 cities in Northeast Ohio.  Keep a look out for the 2007 CAAO Online Silent Executive Auction.  CAAO has already started recruiting executives for 2007.


This auction is a great example of network weaving with the use of technology. 

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I'd like to learn more about the auction results

Thanks to you William for CAAO and all you do. I forgot to bid again this year, so there is still more work to be done to get people like me to remember to get involved - perhaps if the auction didn't end on a Friday night, or concluded with a live event or media blitz.

Anyways, I had hoped to bid on several of the executives you had listed because it is a truly unique way to make an introduction. So I'm interested in how those who did participate find the experience - from the executive and bidder sides. Could you get some participants to share stories from the experiences - have major partnerships, friendships and successes come from these meetings? The first-hand perspectives on the outcomes should help grow enthusiasm for the process... perhaps you could even make this a more frequent community engagement process, or an ongoing system.

Hello Norm

Yes we will be interviewing the executives and bidders in the auction.  I do have some awesome stories from the last two auctions, but before I put them in public I will speak to the executives and bidders to get their premission to tell their stories.


I sure see a tranformation happening in Northeast Ohio due to this auction.  Maybe an idea is to write a book or film a documentary on the auction.  Maybe we can get the documentary shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival ;)




Please share the stories

We really need the upbeat perspectives and lessons learned from your efforts - please do share! Some pictures would be fun... you create such interesting connections.