I'm Pleased to Introduce to Real NEO Hemp I Scream - and to Reintroduce Hemp Innovator and Case Alumnus Agua Das

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 02:25.

Hemp I Scream Product Line

It is funny how things work out.

I went to the Hemp Industry Association conference looking for hemp-based energy solutions, to help address our pollution crisis in Northeast Ohio, and I found a delicious, healthful hemp dessert, too - Hemp I Scream.

As I learned more about the inventor of Hemp I Scream - the founder of Hemp Sources, Inc. - Agua Das, I discovered he is a world leader in hemp innovation, including for energy - "Agua was the first person to make hemp bio-diesel fuel in the modern hemp era in 1993; made from virgin hemp oil he pressed himself."

As I got to know Das better, I learned he studied engineering at Case, and still has good feelings for the school and Northeast Ohio. He lived on Hessler, and was involved in starting up the Street Fair, in the beginning... we know some of the same people still there, from way back.

So the expert with the energy solutions we need in Northeast Ohio studied engineering in Northeast Ohio... and makes awesome desserts, too. Nice coincidences.

Agua Das, founder and inventor of Hemp I Scream, at KushCon2
Agua Das, founder and inventor of Hemp I Scream, at KushCon2

I'm working with Das and others to develop the United Cannabis Exchange (with plans to base that in Cleveland) - a global commodities exchange for industrial hemp and marijuana - so I am helping hemp innovators like Das to grow their hemp enterprises... and develop more market and development relations in Northeast Ohio.

The United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX) is founded by farmers with a shared mission to supply the world with fair trade cannabis crops, for industry, energy, food and health-care, grown with and for environmental, economic and social justice for all. UCANX connects fair trade cannabis farmers with fair industrial hemp and marijuana customers, worldwide.

We could use real NEO's help growing the hemp industry here, starting by sharing dessert.

As I wrote to Heinen's, earlier today:

I'm from Shaker and the Chairman of the United Hemp Exchange, developing hemp industry worldwide. A board member, Agua Das - http://www.hemphasis.net/Notable/notable_files/das.htm - has developed a wonderful and very healthful, natural hemp dessert food line - Hemp I Scream - http://hempiscream.webstarts.com/ - they are distributed west... Whole Foods, etc. I would like to find distribution and even production in Northeast Ohio, for hemp awareness and economic development here (we shall grow the hemp industry here). Das is a Case Engineering grad and legendary in the field - he will come here to promote the product, and lecture on hemp.

As a longtime friend of Heinen's and supporters of your interests, I thought of you first. I have brought samples of the Hemp I Scream sandwiches from Golden Colorado, which I would like you to try - let me know if you are interested.

If anyone is a friend of any leaders in the healthy foods industry in Northeast Ohio, who may be interested to carry or distribute this line, let them know we have samples for them. On the production side, I'll be reaching out to Pierre's... feel free to give them and others who produce quality ice cream my contact info... norm [at] realneo [dot] us.

My objective is to bring the world's leading hemp innovators to Northeast Ohio to jumpstart our leadership in the cannabis industry here, to make us the global capital of the hemp economy.... the brightest greenest place on Earth!

That may start by sharing a simple Hemp I Scream sandwich among 1,000s of local friends of innovation here.

My family loves the Mocha Mint best... which will be your favorite?

How soon will you be driving your hemp powered vehicle to the local market to stock-up?

Perhaps much sooner than you ever would have imagined... with the help of Case alumnus Agua Das.

Hemp I Scream Founder Agua Das on realNEO Header

Welcome to the home of the United Cannabis Exchange, real NEO - UCANX

It's been a long prohibition, but now You Can x!

Thanks, in great part, to Das.


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I love hearing my children say "I want hemp for dessert"!

I love hearing my children say "I want hemp for dessert"!

Probably healthier than what they eat for dinner most nights.

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