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At night you can see through LeBron James' head into the windows of the Terminal Tower building complex. 

The huge billboard, digitally printed on a semi-sheer screen fabric, is one of the biggest I have ever seen. 

It has the swoosh, and the words "WE ARE ALL WITNESSES".  

Sort of has a distinctive religious ring to it, don't you think? 

Pro sports in America - something to worship...

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Makes me want to holler

I just finished Authenticity by James Gilmore and was not so impressed by the book as I was by the audio broadcast on NPR.  Gilmore lives in Shaker and works in Aurora and talks about authenticity.  For most of us,  the time of our lives lived by LeBron James now, in his twenties, is the most authenticity we will ever experience.  How do we make a difference, while we are still young and idealistic?  I am also reading Makes Me Holler by Nathan McCall.  Why do we allow our anger and destructive tendencies to undermine a good society?  We have to see and achieve a common good.  We want superficial heroes like sports stars, when we can all  be every day heroes.