Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 04/07/2008 - 18:39.

When the Iraq war began years ago, you could buy one of these magnetic backed plastic "ribbons" for a dollar or two.   I'll bet Karl Rove came up with the three word phase "support our troops". 

And the way you support them is to keep them on the firing line in Iraq.   Don't you think that is what the troops want?   To be on the front line with the IED's?   To be in their desert?  To eat vegetarian K rations and relate with their family on the internet?

Well, your loyalty and support.   Stand behind  another trillion of armor and munitions.   Show your support!  

Don't bring the men and women home.   Don't let the Iraq people have a country without foreign intervenors. 

No - Support our Troops!   Keep them Overseas!  Put a heavier floor in their Hummer!  More Kevlar vests!

Somehow, all these magnetic ribbons ended up on the front of a Waste Management dumpster.   Perhaps the hypocrisy is subsiding.  And, of course, today the ribbons are an honest Realneo banner.  

If you really "support our troops", don't put this plastic crap on the butt of your car.  No, enlist, go replace/relieve one of the young soldiers - or become an activist, get the US out!

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