The million dollar question could have Frank Giglio been screwed?

Submitted by Henry Senyak on Wed, 03/25/2009 - 18:13.

What a interesting parallel to the story in today's PD about the Federal Charges against a Cleveland Building and Housing Inspector. Lets recall the long list of electrical violations at Frank Giglio's house. Then I ask you to review the attached PDF and let you come to your own conclusions.


Small Edit I am going to add a picture file taken at the grand opening of La Copa Nightclub on Clark. I think you will see some faces you may know.

#2 a Email regarding La Copa.

#3 a email regarding Pat O'Malley

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As the Permit Reads: Welcome to the City of Cleveland

It would be worth looking at every property Huberty ever inspected now knowing every deal was probably illegal... every property owner who wasn't shafted paid a bribe.

So now, who else knew what Huberty was doing? Safe to say folks at the CDCs, more people at Stonebridge, other developers and property owners... councilmemebrs... the mayort... ?

Assume all are guilty by association.

What surprises me in all of this is the lack of smart lawyers in Cleveland - are they so afraid to take on corruption that not one will jump at what now looks like a violation of probably 100s of property owners' rights... how many inspections did this guy do since 1993... assume every one was illegal... lots of cases for a nice class action.

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Nice work, Henry

BTW - just the type of investigative journalism and guts this town needs - thanks!

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Henry S - I was thinking the same thing as you

As I was reading about the inspectors getting paid to overlook items, I was thinking about the possibility that the inspectors were paid by interested parties to nail Frank on bogus code "violations".  

Why not?

Money is money....

Because Mr. Giglio was abused...that's for sure.  

I haven't heard the expression "boned" though.   "Screwed" - is that the translation?


Screwed is more appropriate

Better Translation!! Their are more inspectors involved. I think things are going to get very intersting in Tremont.

What is obvious all this happened under the watch of the current administration, I would think top Building and Housing officials would have to be held accountable.

All at the same time Des. gets condemnation notices, my understanding close to 140 properties on a Housing Committee violation list. Something is not right, perhaps if the PD would look at who has a vested interest in this land grab and tie them into the inspectors it would paint a pretty picture. When the next inspector's name comes out, it will shake alot of people up. It clearly would be R.I.C.O.

This is the court document links to this federal case.

I like the way the feds state things in the complaint. Ties it to federal money in form of grants. That could hold true for some other non-profits that get CDBG money, If I believe my history at one point in time La Copa made application to the City of Cleveland Storefront Renovation program when Abe Bruckman was still at Clark-Metro. I believe the application was for signage.

These arrows are starting to point in the right direction.

Each of these crooks cause $ huge damages... sing babies sing

It is one thing for a city street sweeper to be a crook - the streets are a little dirtier than they should be...

When a building inspector is a crook, a building my collapse and kill 100s if not 1,000s of people.

Add the blight they enable, and costs to property owners SCREWED, and surrounding property owners screwed, and the opportunity cost of losing good developers who won't work in the city because the city government is corrupt ... and you'd expect this to be the backward, impoverished place it is...

What I want to hear now is a grand chorus of business people and property owners singing the I got corrupted by Cleveland goverment blues to the FBI - the Feds are in the house and they aren't going away so smart developers will tell them what they want and try to deal.

Sing babies sing!

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worth a read...

Check out the full document that henry's linked above. It contains this little tidbit:


11. HUBERTY and other inspectors demanded and received cash payments from
DCA 1, believing the DCA operated a company in New York and wanted to buy houses,
including HUD-owned houses, at a low price and quickly resell them for a profit HUBERTY
received cash from UCA 1 in exchange for placing violation notices on a HUD house which
artificially decreased the price ofthe house. After receiving cash payments from UCA I,
HUBERTY (using his official position) removed the violations from the property, thereby
allowing DCA I to possibly "flip" the house for a profit.

makes me wonder if there's not a federal invitation for Abe Bruckman to join the party?

Inspections -Bldg and Housing update


Photo above shows Joe Santiago and deceased Rosemary Vinci at opening of La Copa - now a temporary and cramped library location -because Councilman Brian Cummins' handlers are pushing some "Latin Village" concept and have encouraged CPL to sell their historic building on Clark-Scranton.  Oh, and by the way:

B&H Deputy Director David Cooper deserves much scrutiny as this story exposes the pay out system that exists for occupancy and permits especially pertaining to clubs, bars and restaurants.  Grateful that Channel 19 picked up this story and hopeful that they will continue to respond to intel from Henry Senyak, who has a handle on these issues - especially pertaining to fire code violations.

Word has it that Ohio City Town Hall was definitely in violation of their occupancy code at last night's Brite Winterfest.

Corrupt Building Inspectors... good people, Sudhir?

The big developers who pay inspectors for corrupt services... good people?

The CDC Directors overseeing it all... good people.

NPI, that funds it all... good people.

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i can only echo

 all the above. Has anyone gotten word to Frank about his favorite inspector?

Nice work, Henry. Can't wait to see what you dig up next...

Corruption, Corruption, Corruption

I agree with Henry, I have an inkling that things in Tremont are going to get interesting real soon, real soon.  I wouldn't be suprised if Old Huberty finds out that he's got company.  Can they go to the hoosegow on the buddy system?  Sometimes some of the answers are right in front of your eyes you just have to be willing to take the heat when you ask the questions. 





Thanks for taking the heat, Henry

Henry, you are obviously putting lots of legwork and money into your investigation - we should start a community collection to fund your work.

I certainly nominate you for the Citizen Hauser Citizen of the Month award... that should be worth a stipend

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Every property inspected

  It would be worth looking at every property Huberty ever inspected now knowing every deal was probably illegal... every property owner who wasn't shafted paid a bribe.

I brought this story to Chris Warren's attention last night.  He says he did not know that Huberty was the inspector who condemned FrankGiglio's house.  I gave him several other Ward 15 demolitions to investigate. 


It seems at least six names appear on Frank's Violation Notices


I just posted this on I am sure these electrical violations was one of the major reasons Frank's house was condemned.

For Clarity. Hubery was the electrical inspector that violated Frank's house. In most of the media coverage it referred to the electrical violations as a main cause for Frank's house being unsafe.

In review of several other violation notices their are several other names of inspectors involved. Including Jose Ramos, who was re-assigned out of the Tremont area for refusing to site little old lady's and poor people because the local neighborhood leadership in the Democratic Party wanted to gentrify them.

Was Huberty totally responsible for the condemnation. No, but his electrical violations went along was in making this happen and being signed off on by Ron O'leary and David Cooper.

This is like peeling a onion. I hope some heads will role at Building and Housing.

House of cards

  Let's hope that this house of cards collapses soon.  See all above posts and the land grab saga continuing throughout the "Opportunity Corridor" and especially along commercial thoroughfares in Cleveland. 

It's is also happening in the inner-ring suburbs, see East Cleveland.