Contre Jour Aluminum Door

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 05/11/2009 - 21:21.

One of the things I remember my dad telling me about photography is that two conditions lead to forceful photographs:  taking photographs in the rain with wet reflections, and taking photographs in early morning or late evening contre jour lighting.
In Cleveland, many have little alternative than to lead their lives "against the light". 
As I was talking with friends in a park this afternoon, I saw a fellow ride by on his bike.  The front apron of the fellow's coat was grimy - hadn't been washed in a while.  Homeless I thought….
A few minutes later I took the photo full of dandelions above.  Oh, and did I mention the guy on his bicycle riding with no hands and steering with an aluminum door?  )anyone missing a 6' 8" X 32" aluminum screened door?(
I’ll bet the door was for dinner.
When will we see the light in NEO, and do "economic development" by helping those on the bottom, rather than Chris Kennedy, Mr. Jacobs, and Mr. Ratner?
Why do we refuse to learn that it is in everyone's self interest that no one has to walk around with a flat tire on his head?



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i can by buried in-at realneo-promise me

jeff his first name is dave and its not clear if he steals or picks up

throw aways - dave seems intell - i have spoke to him afew times

and the first was  3 years ago when he wanted to sell me a vcr while me

and yogi where at lincoln park west 11 & kenilworth which we are every

day weather permitting doing  our before stated things for the last 3years

i thought at first he was a very good under cover wonderfull police or

informer attempting to set me up - i didn't buy the vcr and told dave the

before stated and i wouldn't buy it any way - dave wears a hood in very hot

weather at times because he affraid of bug bites- or being i.d -

so junk dealer drug dealer crime dealer police under cover dealer

enterprising dealer that may be wealthy writer dealer poet dealer art dealer

thats why one of the things we do is volunteer homeland security 

neighborhood watch at the park - and dave doesn't ride by us any longer

because he knows we have camers i presume - i should have taken that

photo or video-

and you our great photo dealer shot a photo that could be used as evidence

 aganist the wealthy politcal pay to play etc.- thats what they do steal our

homes jobs lives and ride away in their -

dave may be a door contractor saving gas-

hardly any thing is what it seems-

"society sets up the crime and the citizen commits the crime" chinese


theres a saying "the camera doesn't lie but the photographer can lie"-

jeff you didn't lie the camera lied or the camera didn't tell the truth-

how many interpertation of your photo-

i just checked my doors and one is missing - no

at 67 i will never grow old because of realneo you -all

if i get murdered or pass over in my sleep or 757 brayton folks murder me

with me and yogi with carbon monoxcide as they do every day as we spoke-

promise me that i can by buried in-at realneo-

eternal thanks yogi guy


I promise

You will live on eternally, including in-at-realneo

Disrupt IT

An entrepreneurial scrap

An entrepreneurial scrap dealer, possible not respecting the rights of his finds? The people that rip the copper out of homes are just commodity brokers dealing in semi-precious metals? Yes in the city if it is not locked down bolted down or cemented in, it may late at night when the moon is just right…grow sets of legs and actually get up and walk away!

Is having a conversation with an Alzheimer’s considerate or inconsiderate? You should be careful not to tell them to get lost? But if you do and do to not really knowing about them, then do not grieve as they will not remember.

We are all dysfunctional to some degree, not dysfunctional is a disorder? The obsessive and compulsive that have to have everything perfect? Is not ok or it is ok? Actually it is what it is, not what you want it to be. Sometimes it is not clear until the day or moment has passed and for some even then, still not clear.

Bicycle bandit


Jeff-was this photo shot in Tremont?  I am wracking my brain.  Guy's description sounds dead-on.  I, too, have seen the bicycle bandit operating in the early morning, checking cars for open doors and careless stuff left out for all to see.  Kids in my neighborhood do this, too.  I did this as a kid, too.  It's a signature behavior of adolescence.  Finders keepers...losers weepers...


This bike riding aluminum door is a very important issue – by not attending to this issue effectively (and I am not talking police) our communities are being badly damaged – but the missing aluminum is not the real loss.   We have lost the rider, and we have lost our sense of peace in our homes and lost the relaxed/unguarded use of our possessions.



 I have read the comments from Guy, Norm, Oengus, and Imc above.


From what I saw myself of the fellow yesterday, he was not an adolescent, but 30 to 40 years old (hood over everything but the front of his face).


He wasn’t commuting any where on his bike because between the first time I saw him and when I saw him with the door he had ridden a circuitous path.   I think Imc’s correct, he is riding around looking for things to steal.  The photo is in Lincoln Park, Tremont.

  Guy’s comment “dave wears a hood in very hot weather at times because he affraid of bug bites- or being i.d” strongly suggests to me that the fellow is unfortunately mentally ill – he’s not wearing a heavy coat in summer because of a bug issue or ID issue.

I have observed that radical lack of temperature sensitivity (either wearing too few clothes in winter or too many clothes in summer) is often a red flag announcing deeper  mental problems.   The very grimy condition of the front of his coat also announced that the fellow suffers from lack of socialization/social support (someone/friend who cares to launder Dave’s coat/clothes).

Oengus comments “ We are all dysfunctional to some degree, not dysfunctional is a disorder?”  - Yes, it seems we all know that being “perfectly healthy” is dysfunctional.  Guy points out that the Chinese know:  "society sets up the crime and the citizen commits the crime".

Are the appropriate departments of the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County  using tax money to pro-actively connect  with individuals like Dave?  Or are we spending the vast bulk of our tax money on a MEDCON, Jacobs Corporation Ball Park, Brown’s Empty Stadium, Parking garages? while all the Dave's ride 'round with aluminum doors in soiled clothes...

It is a difficult task to reach the mentally ill under the best of conditions, and an almost impossible task to reach them under homeless conditions.  But when the Cleveland Downtown Cleveland Alliance advocates Homeless Parking Meters in the Generocity Program I see this as insultingly ineffective outreach.

Dave should be the first order of civic business for the Tremont West Development Corp, but when I went to the TWDC board meeting last month, Dave wasn’t on their agenda.



  Jeff--In my line of work, I do consider myself a behavioral psychologist.  I am not claiming to be perfect in my understanding of human behavior, but when children are not properly socialized they do become mentally ill.  It's not an exact science and biology/disease figure into the mix, but we have to set standards and reinforce those standards across the board to be able to live together.  Stealing is wrong.  Rationalizing it to be okay is something kids will do, but adults should know better.  I am speaking figuratively here by calling him an adolescent.  I have compassion for folks like Dave--I still see the child inside him, who was not allowed to grow up and find his potential.  It is sad that we, as a society, want to forget these people.

BTW--TWDC is well aware of this guy.  He is not invisible to them.

How/where to engage Dave?


I agree that there is no exact science here, and it is difficult to separate criminal behavior from lack of capacity to rationalize.
However, if Dave has been offering VCRs on street corners for the last 3 years, clearly he has the capacity to do society a lot of expensive and community weakening damage.
So what to do?
I suggest we start by assuming that Dave lacks both the mental capacity  to "rationalize", and is addicted, starving and living under a bridge on W25th.   I don't see "stealing" as the issue which needs to be addressed first.   
Once Dave is medically assessed, then a curriculum can be designed to either induce him or force him (incarceration) towards behavioral socialization.   
But we definitely need to address all the Dave’s in Cleveland.
Are we? Or just sending them up to night time shelters at E20 off St Claire?
Has anyone offered DAve a job?


I see that man. . .

all the time riding in Tremont down West 14th in the same coat. I don't often see him carrying anything, just cycling aimlessly back and forth and minding his own. Of coures, riding with a screen door is pretty conspicuous. 

Two days ago, I was walking back from Dave's market in Ohio City and I happened upon a homeless man ripping open garbage bags in the Great Lakes Brewery dumpster and shoveling the food in his mouth very hungrily.

I have run into this man many times over the past 3 or 4 years. He is homeless and uses a wheelchair.  He used to sleep under a tree near the overpass between Abbey and West 14th. I offered to drive him to a shelter during a blizzard once, and he refused saying that the people in the shelters yell and throw things at him. I think he sleeps outside year-round. 

Now, I see him in the mornings as I walk to the Rapid station in Ohio City. I usually ask him if he's hungry and he always says no. He is very polite and his eyes are always lucid. I have never seen him inebriated. He never panhandles and he rarely accepts help. But, when our eyes met over the dumpster he took the package of bread I offered with a thank you. I guess you can't deny you're hungry when someone sees you eating out of the trash. 

Things are tough in Cleveland during this economic crisis, but for many Clevelanders things have been tough for years, lifetimes. Being in a position to worry about one's 401k or collect unemployment is a luxury in this town. 

realneo news photo truth more

dave is now paul and owns his home in tremont off of west 14th

pauls dad lives on west 11th - paul is really good at fixing things and

thats why he picks up things to fix - paul has a pick-up truck -

my source doesn't think paul steals - paul is a loner -

so far my source has only seen paul 2 times and source says paul

will be stopping by soon he predicts-

me an yogi attract a diverse  humans (incorrect english) and other

species at the park ( the older i get the more i speak type american

indian english)

all i know is after jeffs realneo news photo of paul door bike ( which

the more i look at the  photo the funnier it gets and the more i laugh -thanks  jeff )

(- your humorist funny satire self comes out even in the photo- please enter said photo in photo contest etc. with the caption "one door closes - one door taken" or   "door man"  or " my door is always open")

 and my comment on my (and yogis) probabel (e or a) murder - from their truck parked in their drive way with the exhaust facing our home and they run the exhaust fumes into our home  - 757 brayton persons that we report their criminal activties on with cameras calling the police under cover police operations etc. i have posted about them on realneo before - see how lucky you folks are - do you have anyone that is attempting to murder you-

at least 5 different wonderfull police cars came by the park from 5 to

about 8 pm-

protecting me and yogi i hope - looking for paul maybe - i always wave to our heros

and most wave back - tuesday one car stop and and said "how yea

doin" another police car stopped and said  'hi guy" i always wave or

salute - i yogi prays also so much for the police and their families -

the great police must read realneo-

so we are police reporters also-

jeffs photo is telling more truth-

me and yogi love you all so very much-

eternal thanks yogi guy


 While helping a student yesterday, who was studying Roman and Greek gods, I was reacquainted with the cult of Janus--the god of beginnings and endings :)

I wrote what I wrote to get

I wrote what I wrote to get people to talk about it, to think about it, mental health is definable to some degree and in some cases misdiagnosed. Sometimes it is just the personality of the person.

Do you think the tax hike should have gone to the board of mental retardation? That would take or require a really good objective look and that entities funding and programs. If you check its web site and seek out budget values you will or should come up with about $20,000.00 annually per individual that is consider mentally disabled within the county.

Very seriously in the worst society people get institutionalized, in the best they get support in the most normal of life surroundings. Then it gets all confusing are you disabled or do you have severe mental problems or mild mental problems, or just come from long line of eccentrics? The misdiagnosis’s abound and can stick with people, even the self evaluation can be off. Are you ok? Not always honest to others or even to themselves.

I think the problem is the misunderstanding between fix and make more functional.

Then there is the police department policy and related laws, in that picking up assumes custodial responsibility and related medical treatment. Paying a person to come in and asses and then determine is expensive and not happening. Holding for questioning to determine if the person is a danger to themselves or others does not happen in some cities. Not sure what the procedure is in its entirety or what it really should be.

Back to the first paragraph….the right to be very different? For the door to have been stolen it had to be reported as and then seen as it was with a person on bike. Often times petty crimes do not get reported, why bother, it will not come back?  

I think community based policing and a good relationship with and knowledge of citizens that are different. Not just that they need to have contact and relationships with the care providers that are getting $20,000.00 per person to offer services. I would bet that they would rather offer service to children then adults, as what is easier and more rewarding and less unpleasant for them personally. But I am not a psychologist or sociologist either.

What would and does make me sick is over stating needs to get more funding while the problem is not really being addressed.

Throwing money at it does not work.