Environment ideas generated from brainstorming at the Palace - Nov. 1, 2005

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/03/2005 - 18:04.

Over a period of roundtable "world cafe" discussions, participants at the Storm the Palace table wrote the following summary ideas on a flip chart or post-it to the idea wall - each idea is being posted to the "Community Forums: Environment" on REALNEO focused on this category... read on:


  • Triple bottom line
  • Sustainable design education: misconceptions
  • Sustainable: Doesn’t = more expensive
  • Link into university programs: practical application
  • Need to reach current/active businesses, engineers, designers
  • Environmental preconceptions
  • Quality of life versus image
  • Fantastic stuff going on ; people out of the loop
  • Quality of Life vs. Image
  • Fantastic stuff going on, people out of the loop-make aware!
  • Regional Sustainability vs International
  • Great Lakes vs Globalization
  • Water and Politics
  • True Market Costs Impact - Economics, Sustainability
    • The price of water
    • Govt Subsidy
  • Downtown Ramifications of our actions
  • We’re reactionary to Eco-Energy issues
  • How can we get ahead of the curve?
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Leaders need to get best practices from the outside region
  • Why do Transplants stay.. how does this impact new ideas
  • Fishing/ Access/ Health is in tops of G.L. Region
  • Wealth of Soil..
  • Improve family farm economics
  • MI/ traverse city preserving unique land for local farms – preserving unique land for local farms.. preserving with easements from HUD
  • Institute policy to pay for long term cost like run-off
  • How can our region work together on these issues
  • Culture of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Transformation happens when people take action
  • Can we make our lake and soil a competitive asset
  • Environment and Attitude of Health
  • Top Projects:
    • Land conservancy mergers
    • Natl Park Land and Farm preservation
    • Wind Energy: production and manufacturing