African American Cultural Garden

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 02/21/2006 - 02:29.
Who knows where this is... or should be? 
A few years back, while snaking down beautiful MLK Boulevard, I noticed a sign announcing the African American Cultural Gardens - way down at the north end of the cultural gardens, right before you pass St. Clair, on the last stretch before hitting the freeway. The sign features an attractive rendering, lots of names and organizations, and a "thermometer" indicating the folks listed on the sign are finding cold shoulders in their fundraising efforts... they need to raise $1.3 million and have barely registered starting, and it seems this effort actually goes back quite some time.

I-Open is holding a forum 06.02.22 on the value to NEO of an African American Cultural Center, and that got me thinking about the current state of centers, initiatives and organizations focused on African American culture in NEO.

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Association of African American Cultural Gardens

Hello Norm,


I am happy to say that this group last night became CAAO's 25th member organization.  One of the goals was be to help them to find local and national funding and explore ways the development of this garden can be made more attractive to funders.