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Broken fire hydrant at Pearl and Denison 500 yards from school
A walk around the neighborhood today revealed an infrastructure in shambles. 

President Obama--we need a Civilian Conservation Corp.  We need to fix America.  We are squandering precious natural resources and our future.  This fire hydrant is less than 500 yards away from a school on Denison Ave. and less than a block away from Cleveland Fire Station #20 at Archwood and SR 42/Pearl Rd..

Tomorrow, children will walk in the street to get to that school.

 Denison Ave. School Zone 20 mph

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Report the Fire Hydryant to 664-6377

865. Who do I contact regarding a broken / damaged fire hydrant?

You may report that directly to the Fire Department Water Supply Office at 216.664.6377.



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People are starving....

Some scrappers probably knocked it down so that they could cart it into the scrap yard this week.... they pull the ground caps off too..found one last summmer on Archwood like's surreal....

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Is a fire hydrant a NON EMERGENCY?

Maybe we should call the Fire Non Emergency #: 

(216) 621-1212, Fire Non-Emergency


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They said that the hydrant is a water dept issue...

and they will hang up and notify the Water Dept right now...

It was hard trying to figure out an address on this one Laura! Next time get us addresses! 

 Kudos to the Fire Rep who took that call and had the wherewithall to react without further delay...Hopefully there will be a reaction before tomorrow morning when the kids go to school...


From the guess is that that hydrant is adjacent to the McDonald's parking lot at 25th & Denison on the North side of Denison Avenue???

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Weed and Seed funding....

  Thank you County Executive Dianna Hill--for getting an answer.  I am sorry I didn't post the address, but you guessed correctly.

I just called it in, too.  I will walk by later today--to see if it has been addressed.  From the image--and more that I will post here, you can get the idea that we are especially on Mayor Jackson's blight-and-abandonment list.

Afterall, we have to qualify for those federal funds! My guess would be Weed and Seed funding, after the insane show of police force a week back...

POVERTY is name of the GAME!

Detroit Shoreway has not yet submitted a GPRA or submission is incomplete.

Site Summary
Area, sq. mi. 0.34
Population 4,590
Males, Age 18 and Up 1,606
Females, Age 18 and Up 1,783
Males, Age 17 or Less 608
Females, Age 17 or Less 593
Family Structure
Total Households 1,773
Households with Families 968
Households with Children 627
Single Parent Families with Children 407
Non-Family Households 805
Adult population without a high school diploma 31.6%
White 63.9%
Black 23.2%
American Indian/Eskimo 0.4%
Asian/Pacific Islander 2.0%
Other 7.9%
Hispanic Ethnicity 26.1%
Per Capita Income $13,926
Median Household Income $23,012
Percent Renting 55.9%
Percent Lived in Residence for Less than Five Years 79.6%
Community Policing
No policing activity data found for this

Who do I call on suspicious activity?

When it is warm--you see young males blatantly standing at certain intersections--with their cell phone in hand. 

We also have the lame tennis shoes over the telephone wires and grafitti tags popping up all over the place.

Is this an orchestrated set-up?

Now, I talk to kids, and half of them think that this is all just great fun, their big HS adventure, the stuff of teen bravado and hijinks (think TPing your friend's house)...and the other half, the smart ones, don't pay attention to it--because they are busy studying and looking to the future.


Tennis Shoes over wires & Graffitti....

Have always been a part of Cleveland long as I can remember....nothing new about it...

I never did that crap b/c my dad would have beat my ass...with a wooden paddle that had holes in it or the leather belt that left welts to be remembered....Fear alone stopped me from being a punk like that! 


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Welcome to Snag's

Be real NEO! Fallen Soldiers on America's Homefront

Disrupt IT


Norm, do you or anyone else by any chance know how to reach Steve Goldberg, Director of the Tremont Neighborhood Wifi Program.

I really need to discuss some matters with Mr. Goldberg.  I met him at last year's TWDC Fundraiser.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

No idea - I think he works at Scotts Turf Builder

No idea - I think he works at Scotts Scotts Turf Builder. He did last time I saw him - years ago...

Disrupt IT

Fresh Water-3.11.2011

It's going on a month now...water, water, water...leaking away on Mapledale:

this is not a "new" way of doing business in NEO...

From Life and Hard Times of Cleveland's Mafia-1978

Cleveland Magazine.

Liberatore, 58, had been convicted of participating in the killing of two Cleveland policemen in 1938 during a gas station holdup. He was only 16 years old at the time, but because of his past record of robberies and burglaries, was sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1957, Lt. Governor John Brown, filling an 11-day vacancy in the governor's chair, commuted his sentence. Shortly after he was paroled, Liberatore returned to Cleveland — officially as a common laborer, unofficially as a bomber and muscleman for leading underworld figures. He eventually gained control of Local 860 of the laborers union, maintaining his power through bombings of his opponents, and even teaming up with Danny Greene in the formation of the Cleveland Trade Solid Waste Guild. In 1972, shortly after Governor John Gilligan was pressured to give Liberatore a full pardon, Liberatore was implicated in the fencing of $1 million in bonds stolen in a California bank robbery. Despite his shady ventures, Liberatore craved respectability and often insisted, at lectures he gave on penal reform, that he had paid his debt to society and was now a useful citizen. Indeed, in 1975 Cleveland Mayor Ralph Perk, eschewing a police investigation and apparently unconcerned about adverse publicity, appointed Liberatore to the board of the newly created Regional Sewer District. (Liberatore was only one of many organized crime figures who would surface at City Hall during the Perk years.)


Found this email address on their website....

info [at] twifineighbor [dot] net



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Thanks Angel.  I have that

Thanks Angel.  I have that address - I was more so hoping for a phone number.  But I can use this also.