What is a Virtual Community and Why Would You Ever Need One??

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Fri, 12/24/2004 - 12:00.

What is a "Virtual Community" Anyway?

words "virtual community" and "online community" have been bandied
about, hyped and interpreted in many ways. If you want to read about
how others have tried to describe VC, check here (How Some Folks Have Tried to Describe Community). But for our purposes, we're going to keep it simple and in context of building your own community.

or virtual community is the gathering of people, in an online "space"
where they come, communicate, connect, and get to know each other
better over time. From that point on, the rest is up to you. Your
community will be what you and your members make of it!

Want some examples? Ideas? Read on.



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Ted Takacs

Ted Takacs