Where has the readership gone for RealNeo.US?

Submitted by JournalistKathy... on Tue, 08/30/2011 - 03:21.
The dissension between Jeff Buster and Norm Roulett caused the site to lose readers.
38% (3 votes)
The decision for one person to decide front page postings unlike previously is a turn off
0% (0 votes)
The site will gain more readers if Jeff Buster would stop dictating front page postings where his stories get top coverage
0% (0 votes)
Go back to allowing people to put postings on the front page so the site does not appear to be governed by the establishment
0% (0 votes)
The image is tainted due to the infighting by Jeff and Norm and the racial tension caused by the n-word slurs supported by Jeff
63% (5 votes)
Total votes: 8
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