Another success for NOTACON

Submitted by Amin Varghai on Sat, 04/09/2005 - 11:51.

The second annual NOTACON, the brain child of Paul Schneider(AKA Froggy), his wife Jodie(AKA Tyger) as well as the support of their business partner last year, Brandon "Kaospunk" Knight, is being held at the Lakeside Holiday in this weekend(04/08-04/10). This technology, arts and music event is the place to be for hackers, and underground music and arts lovers. I attended a few of sessions yesterday that I really enjoyed. For a complete schedule of speakers and sessions attend the event or look it up on their site.

Don't worry if you missed a session or the event, the staff video taped
every session and DVDs will be available for sale on their site soon. Few of
the attendees and speaker were posting notes and pictures on their own
personal blogs and websites. Checkout Jim Eastman's Wine & Politics site for a different perspective.
Froggy((left) with his staff

Friday afternoon session's Open Source Entrepreneurialism with Nick Hanek & Micah Waldstein from APChange was a great lesson on how to start and sustain a business build on open source technology. This was yet another great validation of technology migrating toward open source project and sharing of IP.

Micah Waldstein & Nick Hanek

The evening session with Greg Boehnlein (aka Damin) was a exciting session about Asterisk, VoIP for the masses. Greg went into detail about the and setup of the software.

NOTACON live Radio

For more information about NOTACON visit their site or check back at REALNEO for more updates.

Chill out at the network room

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Some minor corrections

First, my last name is "Schneider". Second, my wife Jodie (aka Tyger) was just as big a part of this as I was. It was both of our brainchild! Add on top of that the support of our business partner last year, Brandon "Kaospunk" Knight and you have Notacon!