Can realNEO be improved, or even saved? (you do not have to log in to vote)

Submitted by westward on Wed, 01/26/2011 - 14:06.

I really don't think anyone has bothered to understand realNEO

Death is not an option. I really don't think anyone has bothered to stop and understand what realNEO is. It is a Content Management System. That it is so easy to join and add content to, and that it is configured to allow people to interact on the content - and that we use social modules like events - is all secondary. It is a vault to store digital content - it is where I store 7 years of my project development content - and I intend to make it technologically better and keep using it as such, as I developed it for that. realNEO is a Drupal CMS that will be here forever, and I won't let anyone mess that up.

Whether my content will commingle with Guy or others in the future is to be decided - I'll probably take much of my world and content private in the future.

What matters to me is nobody can hack or corrupt the realNEO system and data and screw up my content. So long as it stays where it is, intact, realNEO serves its purpose.

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creating mob hate against my work causes financial harm

The only problem with realNEO is the failure of members to organize a board... blame the current board for obstructing that.

As for this poll - my message to the creator:

As someone who collects data professionally, I'll let you know when you create a survey where all the choices reflect the negative perceptions of the poller, you skew the results and reject opinions from those with positive perceptions.

I'm sure you realize creating mob hate against my work causes financial harm to my family - thanks for the professional support.

What do you do for a living?

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Hit that nail on the head....

Don't allow them (mob) to divide & conquer!


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