Will Cleveland's Mayor ever 'bust a grape' on Tremont West Development for violating Constitutional Rights of property owners?

Submitted by Gone Fishin on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 07:04.
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I don't think the Mayor has any grapes left to bust.  He has them all on his payroll.  What many do not realize is that the natives are rumbling. 

If you're sitting in a doctor's office, some restaurants, dental office, the check out counter at the supermarket, in line at the bank, etc., you hear a different buzzing among the bees.

Councilman Cimperman has lost his halo.  He is far from the "people's" politician who was first elected to represent the citizens and residents of Ward 3 (13).

There is much talk about having a recall - however, most people are of the opinion that this would be difficult since he has the backing of rich highend developers and the support of the business world he so fondly favors.  His choices of selective support and/or opposition of who should stay and who should go is fast becoming a tiresome vexation on the people of lesser advantage in his area.

Will he run again.......for councilman...........or does he have his eye on a bigger prize?

I would say the later.  Mayor......perhaps? 


Cleveland needs to ' bust a grape'

Cleveland has fallen to a 100-year low according to the just released census.

I think it is about time our Mayor comes out of hiding and starts busting grapes. Clean house and straighten this city out.  That is why he was elected twice- failed both times. 

I wonder if Governor Kasich would consider the City of Cleveland having to defend itself in a civil lawsuit for the THIRD time regarding Tremont West Development Corporation's abuse of authority and violation of the rights of property owners GOVERNMENT WASTE?

I believe it is Government Waste to utilize resources to defend itself repeatedly over civil lawsuits caused by Joe Cimperman and TWDC.

They say the third time is a charm.  Angel Cuevas' possible lawsuit would be the third lawsuit filed- all three allege the same abuse by TWDC and Joe Cimperman.

The City and the Mayor's knowledge of the abuse - evident by two lawsuits filed - and their failure to address the repeated violation of Constitutional/Civil rights may be cause for an award of punitive damages.  Punitive damages to punish the incompetence that continues to allow the violaton of property owner's rights.

Governor Kasich wants to be informed of all cases of Government Waste,   see here and here .  I think that I will just keep contacting Kasich on a daily basis until the Mayor starts busting grapes.  I will either capture the Governor's attention, have the cops called on me for harassment, or get locked up in the mental hospital- located in Summit County.

I am very upset with this case in which the thieves were caught red handed, and no grape busting.   Although I am upset, I am not yet pissed off.  I will be pissed off on April 5, 2011 when I have to use another vacation day to attend Angel Cuevas' trial scheduled in Cleveland Housing Court.


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