TS Trim Significantly Improves Procurement Process by Implementing a Leading-Edge Supplier Portal

Submitted by Lynne Filicko on Tue, 11/23/2004 - 09:23.

TS Trim Industries Inc., a tier one supplier to Honda worked to increase product velocity through the plant to better meet the demanding needs of their customer.  Thus, TS Trim committed to Lean Manufacturing and its practices.  "While the executive team at TS Trim knew that lean manufacturing would help the production process within the plant, they also knew that complete success would not be achieved without the implementation of lean supply practices with their suppliers.  It is for this reason that TS Trim decided to establish methods of providing demand visibility to its suppliers and request that the suppliers, in turn, provide shipping information."   

TS Trim chose the leading-edge supplier portal, Mx Supplier Collaboration as their lean supply tool.  Mx Supplier Collaboration has brought dramatic change to the organization and its supply chain.  It has significantly reduced receiving errors and has created a virtual organization between TS Trim and their suppliers.

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