Someone at Case is paying attention to realneo!

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Fri, 06/30/2006 - 22:15.

Case Daily - June 30, 2006 see this realneo story: "Proposal to Case: Add Cowan..."


To: Case Western Reserve University Community
From: Frank Linsalata, Chairman, Board of Trustees
Date: June 30, 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to inform the University Community of the formation of a "Presidents Advisory Group." This group of current presidents of three major research universities and one recently retired president will look at the issues facing Case Western Reserve University, provide counsel regarding dealing with these issues and give their thoughts regarding the qualities and experience needed in our next president. Their perspective and advice will be provided to the Board of Trustees and to the Presidential Search Committee.

The distinguished members of the Presidents Advisory Group include:

  • Scott Cowen, President of Tulane University;
  • Shirley Tilghman, President of Princeton University;
  • Jim Wagner, President of Emory University; and
  • Chuck Vest, retired President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I want to thank them in advance for their willingness to share their valuable time to assist Case Western Reserve University at this critical juncture. I am confident that their input will be extremely helpful to us as we work through our current challenges and as we select a new president.

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Nice to see Case getting out of box

I was really pleased to get an email yesterday from a professor at Case recognizing Case leadership read REALNEO, as REALNEO proposed Case follow the excellent example set by my alma mater, Tulane University, in response to the devastation from Katrina on the school and their community (Tulane is the largest emloyer in New Orleans), by setting up a University Presidents Council to help set short and long term strategy. While Tulane certainly had a greater challenge to face than any university in history, Case is at a point where they need significant change, and the region needs Case to change, so there are similarities. So glad Case tapped into the masterful President of Tulane, former Case Business School dean Cowen, as part of the new President's Council formed for Case. I hope Case respects the power of the team they have assembled. Next step in the Case Revolution, I still propose a merger with Tulane... why? Read on here...