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The Healthcare Convention &Exhibitors Association (HCEA) “is the only organization solely dedicated to “improving the effectiveness and quality of all healthcare conventions and congresses, medical meetings and healthcare exhibit marketing throughout the industry.”

Cleveland, of course, is a prime city for health care with the nationally renowned Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals and their medical schools.

One would think that Cleveland would be big NOW in the field of attracting conventions and exhibitions dealing with healthcare meetings and showings.

Here’s the list of where the top 20 healthcare meeting cities in 2008. Find Cleveland.

1) Orlando.
2) Chicago.
3) San Diego.
4) Washington, D. C.
5) Las Vegas.
6) Boston.
7) San Antonio
8) San Francisco.
9) Phoenix.
10) New Orleans
11) Seattle.
12) Atlanta
13) Philadelphia (tie).
14) Denver.
15) Baltimore. (tie)
16) New York City.
17) Los Angles. (tie)
18) Indianapolis.
19) Anaheim.
20) Nashville

I couldn’t find Cleveland.

Yet, our County Commissioner Three – Tim Hagan, Jimmy Dimora and Peter Lawson Jones along with Mayor Frank Jackson want to spend $1 billion for a medical mart and convention center. I also have to remind people that taxpayers will be on the hook for a new hotel and parking garage facilities, too.

Do we really want to spend that kind of money to compete with the cities listed above.

HCEA says that 92 percent of medical meetings reporting 4,000 or more attendees were hosted in these top destinations.

San Diego, by the way, has 18 medical conventions scheduled for 2009. It's warm there.

The above listing is available here:

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maybe not for medmart

It's the Mall or not at all for Med Mart, convention center

"There's no backup location for the proposed convention center and medical merchandise mart that Cuyahoga County commissioners plan to construct on the Mall in downtown Cleveland. If the project can't be built at the Mall site at a cost that can be covered by the tax dollars dedicated to it, the entire endeavor will be scrapped.

That message is what Merchandise Mart Properties Inc., the developer entrusted with creating the project, will tell the people of Northeast Ohio this Thursday, Feb. 12, at two meetings, one with Cleveland City Council and one planned for the public."

Hoping for the best outcome: Scrap the thing. Roll back the tax and let the already collected tax be spent on more dire needs. 


That is great news - I'm starting to like Kennedy.

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medcon is hot potato

Cleveland Cuyahoga County Port weighs in... they don't want it on their land.

Port Authority doesn't want med mart on its land in the Flats

Port plays the NIMBY card? You just can't make this stuff up! 


Crains and PD reporting very different stories...

I am loving this...

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making the silk purse out of the sow's ear

Once again, people insist on making Cleveland something it is not: hospitable.

The belligerent query "Whadda you lookin' at?" is usually considered off-putting, and bad for convention business.

One of my favorites comes off the back of some punker's black leather jacket, lettering beautifully rendered in bright yellow and red and seen last year in Steelyard Commons, before they quit running the buses there:

"Welcome to Cleveland. Now go home."