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Blackboard Inc.

Academic Suite

With a common, cross-campus learning environment that
students, instructors and other community members quickly acclimate to, the Blackboard
Academic Suite
â„¢ is flexible enough to support multiple approaches to
teaching, learning, research and collaboration. Across art departments and
engineering schools; bridging professors and students; supporting in-house
staff and outreach programs, the Blackboard Academic Suite supports widely diverse
constituencies and education missions.

The Blackboard
Academic Suite
provides one common interface
across applications, one set of system management tools, and a totally
scalable solution from one department to an entire institution.

The Blackboard
Learning System
is a Web-based server software platform that offers
industry-leading course management, an open architecture for customization and
interoperability, and a scalable design that allows for integration with
student information systems and authentication protocols. This system is
available for local installation or hosted by Blackboard ASP Solutions.

The Blackboard Content Systemâ„¢
is a content management application for the needs of today's
academic institutions. It includes capabilities in four key areas: Learning
Content Management, e-Portfolio Management, Virtual Hard Drive Management and
Library Digital Asset Management. The Blackboard Content System
also has the advantage of being offered by an enterprise-level software
provider with deep development expertise in the eEducation market. It
implements the unique Blackboard Building Blocksâ„¢ architecture which
supports development of third party extensions and incorporates Blackboard's
work in a variety of portfolio and content management standard projects such as
the ePortfolio Consortium and a number of IMS projects.

As a logical extension of the teaching
and learning environment, the Blackboard
Community System
features a customizable community environment that unifies academics,
commerce, communities, and administrative services online through an
integrated interface. This functionality is backed by a sophisticated
product architecture that runs on relational databases and can be
scaled utilizing a multi-server configuration.

Commerce Suite

The Blackboard Commerce Suiteâ„¢
is a group of applications supporting one-card transactions on-campus,
off-campus and online and allowing for identification and security access.

Blackboard Transaction Systemâ„¢ offers a reliable and sophisticated application for
powering commerce and access transactions including e-Debit processing, Web
deposits and more.

Blackboard offers a choice of
enterprise transaction processing software and related hardware solutions to
meet a client institution's specific needs. The Blackboard Transaction System
is available for either UNIX or Windows environments to meet the needs of the
campus IP infrastructure. Each edition offers core transaction functionality
bundled into one complete solution, allowing clients to easily expand and
leverage their campus investment on an as needed basis.

is a transaction–based outsourced solution that enables students and faculty to
use the university ID card as a form of payment off campus. By utilizing an
existing student discretionary account at the university, BbOne
provides students with a safe, secure, cashless and convenient way to transact
on and off campus, while assuring parents that their funds will be spent within
a university–approved merchant network. Blackboard develops a comprehensive
off–campus merchant network on behalf of each university and manages every
aspect of the program from merchant acquisition and funds settlement, to
transaction terminal support, while simultaneously executing customized program
marketing campaigns and Web site development to build the card program brand
and drive deposits into the accounts. As a logical extension of the
Blackboard Transaction Systemâ„¢ and other campus card systems, BbOne
creates a ubiquitous transaction environment.

In addition to the functionalities it
provides as part of the Blackboard Academic Suiteâ„¢, the Blackboard Portal Systemâ„¢ enables
additional transaction capabilities when licensed as part of the Blackboard
Commerce Suite



The Behavioral Virtual
Community (BVC) is a a place where behavioral professionals and the public can
interact and exchange information and resources on issues of importance in the
home, school, workplace, and in society. Membership in the Behavioral Virtual
Community is free.

BVC is actually a
collection of separate conferences to serve different “communities of
interest.� Most of the conferences are open to anyone, but a few are private
and restricted.

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