Just Garcia Hill - A Virtual Community for Minorities in the Sciences

Submitted by Ted Takacs on Sun, 12/26/2004 - 15:48.

About Just Garcia Hill


JustGarciaHill is
dedicated to three outstanding minority scientists. Ernest Everett Just,
1883-1941, was an African American biologist whose prolific research in early
development brought him international recognition. However, because of racism
and segregation, the gates of the research establishment in the U.S. remained closed to him. Rosa Minoka Hill, 1875 -
1952, was the second Native American to receive a medical degree. She served
the poor Indian and white community of Oneida, Wisconsin selflessly for forty years. Fabian Garcia, 1871 -
1948, was a Chicano biotechnologist, a pioneer who engineered the chile
plants that have launched the southwest as a major player in agro industry.

JustGarciaHill is
committed to increasing the number of minorities entering science careers and
to celebrating contributions to science by minority scientists. We pay
tribute to these three pioneers who had to surmount significant obstacles to
do what they loved, science. You will find more about Just, Garcia, and
Minoka Hill, and other minority scientists in the Biography section of the

With the JGH portal we
hope to provide a supportive environment that would stimulate
underrepresented minorities to pursue and strengthen scientific output in the
and improve the health and well being of minority populations.


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