Why the Levy Failed

Submitted by DerekArnold on Tue, 08/16/2005 - 10:50.
One Opinion on Why the Levy Failed

As I commuted here via public transportation, I got into a conversation with an associate about the levy that failed two weeks ago. He stated that it was just because of the corruption, graft and inequality in which the schools have been complicit and that denial of funding to the school district is necessary and just. While his evidence to support his claims is documented in the district's history (because these things HAVE happened in the Cleveland Municipal School District), I could not offer evidence that things would change.

One thing we must realize is that our populace isn't stupid. Sometimes, they don't get all of the facts and vote against their best interest. Other times, they are protecting their best interest. I thought that the vote against the levy was the former but I see a case for the latter...and it is a strong one. Here are a few reasons why the levy failed:

The Campaign...campaigns to suppress the vote are anti-democratic at best and wreek of excerpts from Law and Politics for Mississippi Klansmen at worst (and, no, Borders does not carry that title). Getting the people to rubber stamp anything is counter to the purpose of democracy. We must give the people evidence that schools are worth funding. That is what a good campaign does.

Embracing the value of a quality education...Some folks still do not see the value of a quality education. Even as recently as a generation Those who don't see the value of schools are shrinking but the number of people frustrated with always being asked to shoulder the burden is increasing as the local economy weakens (this after OfficeMax announced that it will be relocating 600 jobs -- and its world headquarters -- from here to Illinois as one example). The state of Ohio is not fulfilling its responsibilities to fund education equitably. Don't take my word for it...the Ohio Supreme Court has only said it FOUR times. Four times.

Lack of transparency of the CMSD...Try getting answers out of the school district. Go ahead, try. After you engage in your favorite headach remedy, you will realize how difficult it is. The CMSD should be considerably more forthcoming about what, how, where, when and why children are learning what they are learning. Parents will do the legwork if armed with timely and honest information and assessments. This can only help parents to work to put their children into programs or to access resources that will benefit their children.

There are more reasons and I will elaborate on them later...

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Derek Arnold....please, provide more elaboration...

Thanks for sharing...Six years later can you bring this topic and the changes to the forefront...??? 

lots of change since then...or not? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Levies Fail because disenfranchised people DON'T VOTE...

Change people's mentality about voting......particularly the naysayers who say that their vote doesn't count! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"