Cleveland's new poverty rate is 29.5 percent - worse than last year - 2nd worst in America

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 08/26/2008 - 12:01.

The Plain Dealer reports today that Cleveland's new poverty rate is 29.5 percent, ranking second worst among large cities. That rate is up from 27% the previous year. Among our peers:

Detroit has the highest poverty rate among large cities, at 33.8 percent. Third, behind Detroit and Cleveland, are Buffalo, N.Y. (28.7 percent), El Paso, Texas (27.7 percent) and Memphis, Tenn. (26.2) percent.

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which of these cities has legalized gambling near it?

I want to point out the miracle of legalized gambling at work in Detroit. Years ago, in Memphis, too, the Tunica, Mississippi gambling complex was sucking the eyeballs out of the poor city just across the state line.

In Cleveland, we have the Ratners and other regional traitors and sellouts wanting so badly to bring Las Vegas here, and Las Vegas dearly wants to come here because of water (the next oil) resources and location, location, location--not to mention an impoverished labor pool that will jump at any chance to work, in the above-ground economy or in the underground economy.



casino panacea

Again I refer you to the idea of the "MUNICIPAL CASINO"  - not to line the pockets of private interests, but to give back to the City of Cleveland. The thing would be so beautiful, so chic that even the bluebloods in Moreland (than you have) Hills would be lined up to get in and gawk at the marble, the crystal chandeliers - to squander their lavish wealth on a game of chance. I'm not talkin' lottery, cause we won't hardly never see a Ratner in line to buy a lottery ticket at Marc's, but the beautiful people from Bay Village and Beachwood throwin' down the cash for their beloved City of Cleveland. Build it here and they will come. Ain't that the way we do it here? Why make these folks travel to Vegas? Let 'em lose it to the City of Cleveland right here on the Mall.