Music of the Day: George Foley

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 04/17/2007 - 00:35.

Claes and I were picking up Evelyn at the University Circle Arabica Sunday around 5 and I heard one of my favorite sounds flowing over from my favorite area spot - the Barking Spider - roots jazz. I knew who I would find there... the finest roots jazz musician I know in town, George Foley... so we headed right over. George plays and sings, solo and with many area musicians, in every imaginable combo, all over town, and it is always a fun, uplifting and inspiring experience.

If you have not enjoyed George's great performances, you must check him out. His schedule can be found on his website here. He is a regular at the Spider, of course, and Nighttown, Tavern Company, and now at my favorite neighborhood haunt, Happy Dog... upcoming dates and combos include:

April 20 George Foley & Friends Barking Spider Tavern
April 22 George Foley & Bill Fuller (drums) The Happy Dog
April 23 George Foley Nighttown
April 27 The Mercuries The Happy Dog
6:30 - 9:30
April 29 The Nightowls Barking Spider Tavern

I especially love the Sunday afternoon Spider shows, on a sunny Sunday (they will come), when they open the doors and let the fresh air in, and people spill onto the two patios and chill with an afternoon beer and jazz - NEO at its best!


George is local-grown, and studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I lived next to him, on Hessler Street, and can't say enough good things about this great guy and his music and love of jazz. A rare find in this less than jazzy part of the world and time.

we're George Foley fans, too

We occasionally run into George around town and seem him at his dad's--could you please keep us apprised of his appearances--I'm not aware that he has a publicist...perhaps you should audition...perhaps we can post it here to a calendar...