Here is Our Brightest Greenest Outreach to the People of East Cleveland - We Are Taking This To The Streets and Viral

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 08/02/2010 - 12:31.



Like in Michigan, California, and other states, but EVEN BETTER for the community

  • Cannabis - the organic medicine - the civil right!

  • Hemp - the industrial crop - "green" fuel source – complete food - ultimate fiber

  • Controlled, TAXABLE Cannabis New Economy


Welcome to East Cleveland the International Cannabis Exchange for healthcare and industry for the world – The Exchange will put East Cleveland back ON THE MAP!


We of ICEarthInternational Cannabis EarthInformation Community Earth - are working to rebuild, replenish and refresh East Cleveland into the brightest, greenest place to live, work and play ...

  • to protect citizens from unnecessary ARREST and unfair PROSECUTION ...

  • to bring world-class technology, jobs and income to the citizens ...

  • to bring healthy local food and better air to breathe to all. ..

  • To help SOLVE the world's energy and healthcare crises!


We of ICEarth propose centering the global, legal Cannabis Economy in EC

  • featuring local foods and cannabis production and commercialization...

  • bringing affordable open source computing and wifi to all...

  • restoring a healthy, green, natural environment...

  • providing real NEW economic value and opportunity for citizens and the city


We of ICEarth propose East Cleveland become the open source capital of the brightest greenest state of Earth, through the cooperative commercialization of cannabis, food and technology by the community, for the world.


East Cleveland is home of the International Cannabis Exchange – International Cannabis Earth – Information Community Earth – ICEarth, LLC


We are also home of Big Bang Tech... producing some of the world's fastest open source computers – and REALNEO.US... Regional Economics Action Links for Northeast Ohio... ALL HQ IN EC!


To learn how you may become involved NOW and benefit from this NEW, LEGAL economic revolution coming here, from the beginning, please contact:

  • Keith Winston at tpgwinston [at] gmail [dot] com – 1-216-854-8840

  • Norm Roulet at norm [at] realneo [dot] us - 216-688-5221


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