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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 12/12/2007 - 22:50.

Cleveland Public Square Terminal Tower Holiday Lights 2007

The worst crime scene in NEO is certainly Public Square, where the square has been stolen from the public, and the publicly funded and aptly named Terminal Tower City has been stolen from the public, and where the public funds used to pay for the crime scene are now to be stolen from the public, to fund further crimes against the public. I wonder how a real mayor, Tom Johnson, would feel sitting in such a hateful place, in the shadow of a church that is home to people who encourage stealing. Merry Christmas, Clevelanders, from your region... StealNEO: Public Square 2007!


Public Square Holiday REALNEO Pay 2007

"So long as all the increased wealth which modern progress brings goes but to build up great fortunes, to increase luxury and make sharper the contrast between the House of Have and the House of Want, progress is not real and cannot be permanent."

Henry George, Progress and Poverty, Chapter 1, 1879

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 Norm you have outdone yourself with today's header.   Mayor Tom Johnson stands for the standards we have lost in this town.   Getting rich at the expense of the poor does not help any of us.

And as your text evolves, I guess I get more of your drift, but I would say that if you refer to the ban on hoardes of teens and hoodies at Tower City--you will see the same ban in effect in suburban malls.  We need standards.

We as a society, have to teach our teens that it is not right to intimidate and bully and shop lift.  As a teen, who grew up in Rocky River, I can tell you I received the same "not welcome" treatment at Westgate Mall.  And for good reason, we stole merchandise.  As a teen, I did other bad things.  Can this be my absolution during this season of forgiveness and restitution?

Norm, I wish that shoplifting was not a rite of passage in this country, but it is, and you will find it at all socio-economic levels.  Merchants have every right to set a standard.  And every right to advertise that standard on RTA buses.  

We also have a right in this city to set standards of public health. Yes--it seems heartless to  ban loitering and food distribution on Public Square, if it affects the homeless, but it is a standard that has to apply to all of society, too.  In the long run, it helps all of us to maintain some standards of dignity and respect for property--especially common property, like our parks and libraries.  Vandalism, grafitti, littering, loitering and profanity are not signs of a civilized society at any socioeconomic level.  We should not tolerate it.

I will save my sermon on respect and dignity for the less fortunate for another post, or perhaps, in the tradition of free speech,  I will just set up my soap box in Public Square (unless, Brian, do you care to chime in here).

(Also-Jerry Masek from RTA responded to all of the inquiries related to RTA's loss of hours and the sign posting at Tim Ferris' blog--reproduced here)

JMasek said...

Jeff Buster asked about the Tower City stickers posted on RTA rail cars.

RTA GM Joe Calabrese approved the posting. He notes:

"These stickers about the parental involvement program are a public service. Many rail passengers (30,000 a day) are bound for Tower City, and we want them to know of the regulations they will face when they arrive."

Jeff, I hope this answers your questions. There is no contract to review, because no money changed hands. The GM has the authority to act in the best interests of RTA, and he used that authority here




I  believe "StealNeo" is not referring to   rite-of-passage teens wrongfully bagging merchandise inside Terminal Tower or Tower City Center mall, but rather to yesterday's Dirty Dealer headline that the City of Cleveland is, essentially, at the end of its road into bankruptcy. 

 Cleveland has suddenly arrived

near bankruptcy - without knowing it until Tuesday? -  in part because the City has followed a misguided decades long  policy of providing low cost/no cost money to wealthy developers with the false hope of "trickle down" - which, as shown by our shrinking tax revenues, is a gross FRAUD.  So, not at the hands of doo-raggers, but  at the hands of corrupt and ignorant city servants (cajoled and simultaneously  politically supported by  greedy corporations, private developers and Forest City Enterprises) the public’s UDAG money has been stolen.  

And now, with the City desperate for cash, those same developers will get a huge Christmas windfall if they pay the city back some cash, because they have the City by the short hairs. 

The Dirty Dealer has already couched the debate to the benefit of the developers, without explaining the inordinate and inequitable leverage against the City this "early pay back" provides the developers.  The developers will profit handsomely from the City’s non-existent “bargaining position” – non-existent because the City is attempting to call in loans which are not yet due.   

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Maybe this has been the plan all along

The banner headline is, I believe,  talking about stealing public money to the tune of multi-millions (billions actually) and distracting the public's notice of  that theft by the additional diversionary discussion around stealing  public access and convenient food distribution from the poor and homeless in Public Square.  
You can read more of my outlook on Cleveland, the Grinch City here <!--[endif]-->

on realneo.

They want it all.

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 They want all the public’s money, and they don’t want to see anyone who doesn’t have money to spend. 

Merry Christmas, Cleveland!

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