REALNEO headers coming back to life

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 10/22/2007 - 23:18.

Jeff Buster has surfaced as a bright new light in NEO photojournalism and graphic design, so it looks like the top few inches of REALNEO are going to be as interesting as the rest of the content again, going forward - anyone else who wants to offer a header image, contact Jeff Buster on REALNEO. Jeff Buster has outdone himself with today's REALNEO header... and the logo does look better 100 feet wide...

I had already put together an image I want to share... so here's a subheader for today....

Sudhir and I were in Dia de los Muertos states of minds last week so we went grave-viewing around the corner from East Cleveland in the amazing Lakeview Cemetery... very worth a visit this time of year. I know this dam shown here is one of the largest in the region but I can't understand what it is for... and is this part of Doan Brook? Is this a good dam or a damn dam? Any hydro? An odd site in this setting, but very cool visual... as with at every turn of this cemetery.

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Just north of where MLK Blvd. crosses the Doan Brook (above University Circle) there is another concrete blob damn which has never functioned to provide any flood retention.  It does make a excellent canvas however…if the taxpayer only knew they were supporting graffiti…

I think the dam in Lakeview was constructed about the same time as part of a very poorly executed "flood control" program. 

Who can read sign language? 

Choice of weapons

I don't want to deprive your daughter of a weapon.  I have been too tired and too lazy to learn one more thing having to do with computers, but I do need a weapon here in the city :)  Time to hit the streets. 

Dugway Brook in Lakeview Cemetery--Doan Brook in Rockefeller Park.  They are all forgotten creeks.