West Shore Corridor Regional Rail Stakeholders meeting

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I just received the following from rail transportation and smart growth luminary Kenneth Prendergast... read on to learn about Smart Growth and plan to attend an important Rail Stakeholders meeting October 20th... read more!

If you are concerned about economic redevelopment in older communities, smart growth in outer suburbs and breaking down the spatial barriers between where many job seekers live and where most jobs are available, I would encourage you to visit the following site and download a copy of an excellent report from a link at that site: http://www.iedconline.org/?p=Smart_Growth    Should you be only casually interested, below is a brief about what this report is all about.

I hope to see you all at 8 a.m. Oct. 20 at Lorain County Community College for the next West Shore Corridor Regional Rail Stakeholders meeting, to be held in conjunction with the Lorain County Community Alliance. Note the start time is earlier than originally proposed, though our keynote speaker is tentatively scheduled to begin at the previously stated time of 9:30 a.m. An agenda will be sent to you shortly.
Economic development success and smart growth can go hand-in-hand. IEDC’s Economic Development and Smart Growth presents eight case studies on communities that incorporated smart growth principles in their development projects and have experienced economic development improvements in the form of increased tax revenue, more jobs, higher income levels, downtown revitalization, business growth, and other indicators of economic success.

The case studies range from the use of transit-oriented development in Portland, Oregon, where light rail has sparked $3 billion in new development, to commercial corridor revitalization in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where it has nearly doubled the per capita income in the south side of the city. IEDC’s case-based research provides direction for local government officials, economic development professionals, and all those concerned with the future of their communities.

This publication was funded by a grant from the U.S. EPA.

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