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ANNOUNCING SPRING FUND DRIVE!     (image -  5th / 6th grade watercolor -  typical Waldorf School pedagogy worldwide)

It costs $29.95 a month to keep the servers operating behind Realneo.  Here is a link to details of annual expenses.

Realneo/ has not had a fund drive for a few years, and the bank  account is at the bottom of the barrel.   

 An anonymous donor  has generously offered to donate a total of $250 dollars. 

 The $250 will be donated as a dollar to dollar match to other individual donations.   E.G., if somone donates $50. then the anonymous donor will match the $50 leading to a total donation of $100.   If individual donations reach $250, the anonymous donor will match each individual donation resulting in a total donation to of $500.00.  $500 will keep Realneo going for more than a  year.
If you want to be publicly recognized for your donation, please so indicate by email or a note on your check and you will be publicly recognized.   If you wish to remain private with regard to your donation, you will be.

Thank you for any financial support you can muster - and thank you for your quality content reported/commented on the site.  

Sincerely,  Jeff Buster

Learn more about the "wet on wet" watercolor technique taught in the Waldorf Schools here“Watercolor is a medium that requires great discipline,” says Waldorf teacher Helena Niiva. “You have to learn when to let go and allow the colors to live and also when to exercise more control.”

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