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Everyday, many of you read without remarking on our website... You see our stories, hear our rants, laugh at our unbelievable brutal truthful statements, and enjoy our citizen activism through our dedicated investigations, civic participation, and unyielding dedication to our community at large. REALNEO.US is history in the making with whistleblowers, engaged residents, and worldly philanthropists amongst us. Some of our people live meagerly without any wages...and yet we sacrifice the little things to ensure that the stories get revealed to the public at large..... Our annual budget for this website's maintenance is well under any not for profit locally and the staff is priceless...  I ask you to consider sending in your donations today or make your checks out today and put them in the mail! Who will meet our challenge??? Thank you in advance for all contributions!!! May God Bless! 

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The Real Coop post office box no. is at the very bottom of every web page.  Paypal is also available on the home page link, but Paypal takes a cut.    Please make checks payable to: ∴ P.O. Box 20046 ∴ Cleveland, OH 44120

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All funds received by Real Coop go either to the server ($29.95 /mo), to pay for PO box ($22.00 twice a year), and to pay for URL renewals of,, and

Is there a way to run the ship any tighter?

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Thanks to all the donors who keep REALNEO alive!

May God Bless! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

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Donations to Realneo - the community kicks in!

 Today Realneo received a donation from a member which, along with a sizable donation last month  from another long time Realneo member, will keep Realneo's servers paid up for another year.  (cost for servers is $29.95 per month - and there is the PO box and a few other small annual costs).

Thank you AngelnWard 14 for meantioning that Donation link.

It is the substantive content provided by Realneo members which is Realneo's biggest asset.

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